Pennies~by Pepper Winters

~5 Crazies Stars~

“Money is what guided their separate fates. Money is what brought them together. And money is what ultimately destroys them.”

descriptionPennies is the first book in the Dollar Series and once again I am awestruck by the fantastical writing of Pepper Winters! When I first read the blurb, I was, of course, intrigued and I immediately mentally prepared myself for “another” captor/captive romance. Brace yourself readers….this is not what you think it is! Read all the reviews you want but be forewarned NOTHING can prepare you for Elder Priest! You have been warned!

“FREEDOM. Such a modest word. It carried very little importance for those who had it.”

Tasmin, also known as Pimlico, was 18 when she was taken from her home and thrust into hell. She is bought and sold to a devil who does the unthinkable. Although physically she is beaten down and wasting away, mentally she is fighting. Emotionally the battle wages on and yet, as time passes Tasmin refuses to give up.

“He hasn’t broken me. He will never break me. And soon, I will be free.”


“The sharp thrill knowing I could do anything I wanted to her….I could hurt her, fuck her, treat her with no bloody respect.”

Elder enters the scene ready to complete a business transaction with an associate when he meets Pimlico. The slave, the “whore”, the “property”, the dog….! He is intrigued, and a connection is made. The spark that ignites between Elder and Pimlico isn’t about love. It isn’t about passion. It is something that even Elder (nor Pimlico) can identify and yet; it is something that must be explored.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

Pimlico’s master is less than enthused with Elder’s interest in his property. As Pimlico battles for her survival, Elder faces an internal battle over his drive to discover what it is about Pimlico that is drawing him in. But is that draw strong enough to motivate him to rescue Pimlico?

“Battle lines had been drawn, and I had an awful feeling it’d been because of me.”


“You belong to me.”

Told in dual POV, Pennies contains a well-constructed plot with layers upon layers of moments riddled with raw intensity. It is brutal, violent, and utterly heartbreaking. Pimlico’s complexity lies with her age and inexperience. Because her life was stolen from her before she had the chance to live it, she is completely disconnected to anything related to physical pleasure. The moment Elder awakens just a hint of desire in her it triggers hope for Pimlico. This hope is life or death for her. Elder’s mysterious past and sexy demeanor is just another element of this plot waiting to be explored. The pacing was steady, and I found myself gripping my Kindle and holding it tight throughout every single moment of this read. Elder is not a good man, and yet, he finds a piece of good in Pimlico. Does that good contain enough light to wash away the darkness that exists in this man?description
Pennies is an absolute must read for dark romance readers. It is a perfect blend of everything “Pepper” that keeps us coming back for more. The draw to these characters is truly addictive, and I am truly desperate to find out what will happen next!

***Dollar Series***
Pennies (Dollar, #1) by Pepper WintersDollars (Dollar, #2) by Pepper WintersHundreds (Dollar, #3) by Pepper WintersThousands (Dollar, #4) by Pepper WintersMillions (Dollar, #5) by Pepper Winters


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