My Rating 4.5★★★★Unforgettable Stars

Genre: Literary Fiction
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Male

Publication Date:  July 26th 2016

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“I learned at that moment that the devil, the true one, is people”


This story is told from Fielding Bliss’s point of view. It goes back to the summer when he was only thirteen years of age and goes to current year where he reflects on how the Summer of 1984 changed his and his family’s lives.

When Fielding was young and only thirteen years old his father; Autopsy wrote a letter to the devil asking him to show himself.  Right around that time Sal; a colored thirteen year old boy shows up to Autopsy’s work and becomes friends with Fielding.  Sal tells Fielding that he is the DEVIL and was sent there.  The entire town freaks out at first unable to believe it.  However; bad things started to happen around the time SAL aka the Devil shows up and everyone starts to blame Sal. 

Fielding find himself trapped in a world of racism. His father and mother took Sal in and adopted him as their own while the town hated him for his color and for appearing to their town.  Sal was a very likable boy and very soon he became very attached to Fielding and his family.  Sal had a lot life experiences and I was fascinated with his ways of thinking and the way he showed evil and good to his now new family.

“A boy holds a gun but cannot fire it, even when he knows it is the right thing to do. A god would never hold the gun in the first place…On the day you are asked to hold the gun once more, You will have to decide whether to stay the child…or finally become the man.”

This book was so different from anything I’ve read before.  I found myself so confused at first but then as I kept on reading I slowly felt deep into this story and WOW what a trip this was.  This story is about life, choices, death, good and evil.  I really enjoyed the connection between Fielding and his older brother Grand.  Grand holds a special place in my heart.  He was smart, funny and loved hard.  Fielding worshiped his bother and Grand loved him so hard in returned; Sal was a great character who definable made an impact as well.

“Sometimes I think older brothers should not be allowed.  We fall in love with them too much.  They are our everything, all the while, they hurt out of sight for our sake.”

When I hit eighty-three percent on this book I found myself unable to stop crying.  I cried all the way until the end because it just hurt so much and the writing was just incredible.  I encourage everyone to read this book; it is a book that will have you deep thinking about the cruelty of people and the consequences that evil and selfish choices of people made.  You will have to dive in going open minded because this book will have you rethinking everything you ever knew.


★F(BR) with my girl War★

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The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel


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