Books and Boots Author Event~Crazies R Us in Grapevine, TX



I had so much fun this past weekend at Books and Boots in Grapevine, TX!  As always the authors were a blast, and I was able to meet with some old friends and of course, make some new friends as well! This community is simply amazing!  

Cecilia London 

FINALLY, I was able to meet the fantastic Cecilia London.  I brought home the entire Bellator Saga AND the first three books with the original cover!  I can never get enough JACK and CAROLINE!  If you are going to be in Vegas this week, look for me.  I have some swag to share!  


Kendall Ryan

Ms. Ryan was there with her mom!  She even let me come back and take pictures with her AGAIN because my first round of pics weren’t my fave.  

Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie

What a treat to meet the Ritchie Sisters!  I adore the Addicted Series!

E.K. Blair


Shayla Black

Penny Reid~ Ashley Pullo~ Kennedy Ryan

Hilaria Alexander~ Sapphire Knight~ Nicole Hart

Anie Michaels,Valerie Roeseler, J.R. Rogue, Emery Jacobs, Claudia Burgoa,  Ali Parker, Melissa Townsend, Whitney Barbetti, Xavier Neil and Leighton Riley.

Here’s a shot of my new beauties….


Books and Boots was amazing! 

Next up…..




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