White Heat~by Autumn Jones Lake


“We’re two parts of a whole.”


White Heat is the 5th book in the Lost Kings MC Series. With each book in the series, I am drawn deeper into the LOKI world. As Rock and Hope, “the King and Queen” of the club prepare for their wedding, trouble crashes into them like an avalanche. The LOKI family is forced to pull together and brace for impact.


“We build a few more houses on the property, we’ll have a nice doomsday compound going.”

In the first three books in the series, we witnessed the countless trials that Rock and Hope were forced to overcome. Finally, they are headed to marital bliss. In Tattered on My Sleeve, Wrath and Trinity overcome their baggage and pull together through it all. Overall, things for the club seem to be coming together perfectly. And yet now, Rock and Hope are torn apart again and this time, it takes everything they have to find their way back together again.

“How am I supposed to sleep or even breathe without Rock next to me?”


“In an instant my life’s been ripped out of my control. Hope’s become the most precious thing in my life and now I have to trust her safety to others.”

As Rock is torn away, Hope is forced to find strength in herself to stand strong. She has to prove to herself and the club that she can be the president’s old lady and do the job well. She has to balance self-resilience and dependence on the brothers to bring her through. The brothers are tasked with the job of keeping the club up and running and giving Hope the love, support, and strength she needs to get up out of bed every day. Rock’s pain is magnified as he is forced to endure isolation from the love of his life and his brothers. Although he trusts his brothers to care for Hope, he knows it is him that should be caring for her every need. The struggle is intense and rocks the club’s foundation in a way that they have never experienced before.

“People outside the MC world love to criticize…”


“Getting my man home and back in my arms is all that matters.”

Told in multiple POV, White Heat might possibly be my favorite of the entire series. I thoroughly enjoyed the multiple perspectives of all of the characters. As Hope and Rock’s relationship is stretched to another extreme, I savored every single moment. The conflict only allows Hope to grow closer to the brothers and to find strength in herself to be the woman she was meant to be. As if my love for the LOKI PREZ couldn’t be any stronger, the conflict in White Heat brought out even more of Rock’s protective spirit and I loved every single “alpha protector/He-man” moment! Wrath’s “big brother love” for Hope is kicked into full gear and due to her “new” place by his side, Trinity is slightly shaken. Wrath gathers up the strength to calm Trinity’s fears and still manages to offer Rock and Hope the support they need. Additionally, as the plot continues to twist and turn, the love triangle between Heidi, Murphy, and Axel continues to hover like a lethal bolt of lightning waiting to strike. Conflicts with their adversaries drive the action to new extremes and the passion between Wrath and Trinity, and Rock and Hope could not be hotter. Overall, another delightful blend of perfection with a promise of even more to come!


White Heat was another winning read from the crazy talented Autumn Jones Lake. My only regret is that I didn’t discover her work sooner. I am beyond thrilled that Murphy, Axel, and Heidi’s story is coming up next. More Than Miles is scheduled to release August 16th, and I am beyond ready for more!

***Lost Kings MC***
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