The Shortcoming (Unexpected Circumstances, #4)~Shay Savage

~4 Crazies Stars~

“I will return to you..”


The Shortcoming is the fourth book in the Unexpected Circumstances Series. I have once again been held hostage by the amazing Shay Savage. With each installment, the saga of Sir Branford and Alexandra continues to intensify. There is nothing better than a love story of two people from different worlds (a commoner and a nobleman) brought together to rule over a kingdom.


“You are what made me a man.”

Together, Sir Branford and Alexandra are finally together in every possible way. Emotionally they are connected and trust each other implicitly. Individually, Alexandra still struggles to understand the ways of her new world. Branford has no problems tenderly caring for her and helping her through every situation and circumstance and yet, he is still battling his own demons.

Through coaxing from Alexandra, Branford rescues a common slave girl and the royal couple return to the castle with a handmaid for Alexandra. As the neighboring kingdom of Hadebrand threatens to overtake Branford, Alexandra must watch as her precious husband takes off for war. Although their relationship is strong, both feel the strain of being apart. Additionally, the weight of Alexandra and Branford not being able to produce an heir is beginning to weigh heavily on both of their shoulders.

“I love you, my husband. You are everything to me.”

Told in Alexandra’s POV, The Shortcoming is the beginning of some difficult times for the happy couple. Finally wed, finally consummated, the honeymoon is “over” and the two are expected to produce an heir. In this instalment, Alexandra finally begins to understand what will be expected of her if she is not able to follow through with that expectation. The reality of what is to come is devastating for her, Branford, and was just as devastating for me! The courting and “happy times” are over and with this ending, we can be assured it’s going to be a rocky ride.


Overall, I cannot say enough about this series. Each instalment has been a true delight. The blend of complex characters, historical setting, and natural writing has me completely hooked! The ending in this one is a shocker!!!! I am truly fearful for my sweet Branford and Lady Alexandra. However, if anyone can deliver them, it’s Shay! I am just thankful to be along for the ride! Even if you are not a fan of historical romance, I highly recommend giving this series a try. Once you start, you will not be able to stop!!!

***Unexpected Circumstances Series***
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