My Rating 4.5 ★★★★ Chase Stars

Genre: Sports Romance/Suspense
Type: Standalone
POV: Shifting

“I love you, I want you. Every day for the rest of my life.”


Tyler (Ty) Rollins; after her mother’s death at a very young age was forced to travel with her father’s baseball team.  She hated it at first but soon she discovered that she loved it and she believed baseball was her family and life.  Her relationship with her father was incredible; she was the team’s baler and she loved everything about it.


Chase Stern; was the best of the best when it came to baseball.  Every woman wanted him and every team knew that having him on their team meant winning.  Chase loved the game but his dream was always to be a New York player for the Yankees until he finally got it.  Little did he know that his life will be changed when he meets the daughter of one of the most famous players of the team.

Ty has always been fascinated with Chase; living in the world of baseball that’s all she knew all her life scores, titles, statistics and she knew Chase will someday make history.  When she found out he was traded to be part of her father’s team she was beyond excited; until she wasn’t.  Ok she was immediately intimated by him and he fell head over heal for her.  Their attraction was unstoppable and even her father knew it way before this happened.

 “Our kiss had energy, it was a battle-one fought with gentle teases, exploratory touches, and passion.”

Their sweet love and attraction was fantastic I absolutely adored Chase with all of my heart.  This book had a bit of angst right in the middle and a mysterious killer that was on the loose that had Ty extremely nervous.  There was a twist on the story that left me a bit heart broken and devastated.  Overall this was a fantastic, enjoyable and a fast read.  If you are a fan of sports and a sexy read you will enjoy this one.


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