The Concubine (Unexpected Circumstances, #5) ~ Shay Savage


“I am your wife. We share all of our burdens, this one most of all.”


The Concubine is book 5 in the Unexpected Series and to tell you the truth the title of this installment was quite an “unexpected” surprise for me! I am a reader that hates love triangles. I despise cheating. And yet, this unexpected turn of events in the series was truly magnificent, and this installment is by far my favorite in the entire series. I know you are now questioning my self-assessment as a reader, but truthfully, I was so fearful to jump into this one and hot damn! I am so glad that I did! If you have any questions at all in your mind about not continuing this journey, let me answer your question now. KEEP READING! DON’T STOP! Have faith in Branford and Alexandra and just hang on tight for the ride of your life! A ride that will leave you breathless and begging for more!


“You must do this, Branford.”

Sir Branford and Alexandra are very sexually attuned to one another. Unable to keep their hands off of each other, the idea that she has not been able to get pregnant once in all of those times together is almost unimaginable. And yet, for some reason, the two cannot produce an heir. Branford is forced to take a concubine and to soften the blow; he brings a friend of Alexandra’s for his concubine into their castle. Although Alexandra is heartbroken and struggling to understand her role, it is Branford that suffers the greater destruction. Unable to grasp his betrayal to his love, he feels like he has once again let her down. As the two are physically pulled away, an emotional wall begins to emerge out of nowhere and further tears them apart. Although Alexandra does everything she can to keep Branford secure, he is so broken that he continuously tries to push her away.

“How can you still bear to be in my presence?”

Told in Alexandra’s POV, The Concubine was quite a shot to the gut and the heart. I cannot imagine being placed in such a heartbreaking position. I was terrified for Alexandra as she has grown so strong throughout this journey. How could she possibly understand her husband laying with another woman? And yet, in the end, the experience only strengthened their love for each other and brought them to an even better understanding of the depth of the love that they share. I had 100 percent faith in the talents of Ms. Savage to bring me safely through this heartbreaking plot twist, and she delivered above and beyond anything I could have possibly imagined.


“You complete me.”

Overall, what I feared to be a heartbreaking read, turned out to be my absolute favorite of the entire series. I feel that when love is tested beyond comprehension, and you survive, it is a true testament to the strength of these characters and their love! With this ending, I have no doubt that more passion, healing and some heavy-handed revenge will be on the menu. I can only imagine the brutality that Sir Branford is going to unleash on his adversaries, and I simply cannot wait. This series is simply stunning and by far one of my faves of the year! I am completely hooked and cannot wait for more!!!!

***Unexpected Circumstances Series***
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*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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