Six (Men by Numbers, #2)~by Ker Dukey

~4 Crazies Stars~


Taylor Jake grew up in a variety of foster homes that enabled him to create a protective wall around his emotions. Upon meeting Haley as a teen, she became his family and part of his heart; however, Taylor’s weakness was preyed upon by a rival gang and Haley paid the price of evil. Vowing to avenge Haley’s pain, Taylor became Six, a killer succumbed by rage, guilt and inner turmoil.

“I was hollow, lost to what it felt like not to be lonely, and I was okay with that.”

Fast forward fifteen years, Taylor “aka Six” is released from prison for his crimes but seeking revenge for the remaining gang members still lingers in his soul, as a day doesn’t pass where he can forget that horrific night and the ensuing pain. Now a respectable bar owner, Six chooses to keep few close to him until a certain woman enters his bar that tests his restraint.

“She’s too delicate for me. She’s like a flower and I’m a weed growing strong around her. I’d strangle her and then everything that makes her bloom will be gone.”

Misty is a woman down on her luck but is working her way through her own loss and is ready to start a fresh beginning. Upon being hired by Six, Misty is immediately attracted to him and once she starts getting mixed signals from Six, she isn’t about to be ignored or overruled by him. What ensues are sexually charged exchanges and when they finally get together it is hot!

“All I want you to do is strip me bare, bite my neck, yank my hair, and fuck me until I’m a quivering mess. She draws out her words and I almost come without even touching her.”


Based on his past, Six is resistant to give all he has to Misty in order to protect her and also his own heart. Just when Six is ready to move forward, his past comes back to haunt him and he must act to end it all.

“Carnage lays everywhere, blood and insides litter the walls and floor, and the whining of death is like a balm to my soul.”

Six is a character that I liked immediately and felt the weight of his burden. Knowing his hurtful past and how it formed his present, I understood his resistance to pursue Misty but I loved how Misty fought to pierce his shield. With Six carrying such a need for revenge, I welcomed his violent path to give Haley reverence and peace.

While I am usually drawn to Ker Dukey’s darker books, the plot in Six was mostly steady with a few lags in between. There were some areas where I would have enjoyed more development to further the impact and character dimension for Six, Misty, Haley, Lucky and Max. But, I did feel like I was immersed in Six’s world. Overall, I enjoyed Six and recommend!


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