My Rating 4.5★★★★FIRESTARTER Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

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“Sometimes, the best things are right under your nose all along.”

14112063_10206529298142863_1576224764_n.jpg NEW one 8-25


Chelsea Jameson; is living a single life after a bad breakup.  She is trying her best to move on however she is finding it so hard to do so because she somehow feels like she failed as a person when she discovered that her ex has cheated on her and falls in love with someone else.  Chelsea has some issues to work on; moving into her new apartment was nice and she spends a lot time reading sexy books, drinking wine, and trying to figure out how to move on.

Damien Hennessey; a sexy tatted gorgeous neighbor who is very successful living his life in the moment had no intention of giving love a second change.  He was happy living a single life; painting for fun and enjoying the shared custody of his lovely dogs.  He meets Chelsea and they connect right away but he has a secret that keeps him from having any relationships.

“I’ve always wanted you, from the moment you knocked on my door and called me the devil…I just need to taste your lips, feel your moan over my tongue again.”

Instead they become really good friends; I laughed so much at how funny these two were together it was hysterical.  He teased her about her sexy books; she teased him about his stalking moved on her and I was just fascinated to see how their relationship developed into something more deeply than friendship. However; there was a point where Chelsea couldn’t handle the sexual tension anymore she wanted something more with Damien and he wouldn’t budge.  She finally gives up on trying getting in a relationship with him because he wasn’t letting her in.  It was so sad and I was so hurt but I also did loved Damien’s brother Ty which was super cool and he was my hero in this book.

“You can’t control your attraction to someone. If it’s there, it’s there. It can either be ignored or acted upon but not controlled.”

The secrets finally come out; their relationship finally gets to the next lever after so much they both go through.  I truly loved this story because it was about family, love, hopes, dreams, and it showed that even when we are scared we need to live for today regardless of what the future will be.  I recommend this book for lovers of second chance romance.  


14101811_10206529298542873_250352832_n.jpg NEW teaser


“You are so fucked, Chelsea Jameson, because I’m gonna want to be inside of you all of the time.”

★(F)BR With my shhlut War


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Book Order: Standalone
Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward



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