Prisoned~by Marni Mann

~5 Crazies Stars~

“You’re my prisoner…”


Prisoned delivers an unforgettable suspenseful blend of passion, intrigue, mystery, and dark romance! With a twisted plot that will take you deep into the depths of your psyche, this is one read you do not want to miss!


“…it was either the start of something monumental that would change me permanently, or it was the terrifying conclusion of our story.”

Kyle Lang grew up in poverty just trying to survive. With her brother and best friend Garin, finding peace in the midst of chaos wasn’t always easy. Kyle is able to overcome her circumstances and make a better life for herself in Florida. However, when Kyle Lang returns home to the projects of Atlantic City to attend the funeral of her friend, she is flooded with memories and her entire life violently turns on its axis!

“How long had I been here? Naked? With him doing whatever he wanted to my body?”

Kyle and Garin find themselves held captive and the fear and terror of their predicament begins to stir all of the emotions left from their past. Both facing torture and brutality beyond imagine, they only have each other to cling to and find solace from the brutal storm!


“I wanted to be devoured. I wanted to devour him.”

As Garin resumes his role as her protector, Kyle begins to feel guilt for the secrets she has kept from him. The combination of the passion and familiarity that exists between them reignites the flame and everything that seemed lost hits Kyle like a tsunami. However, when every secret is revealed, will Kyle and Garin’s love be enough?

“It was just us. Our needs. Our wants.”


“Don’t leave. Stay right here.”

Told in dual POV, Prisoned had me on the edge of my seat the entire read. Kyle is a strong heroine who is loyal, driven, and determined to make amends for the wrong in her life. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing her emotional and physical breakdown and was rooting for her the entire read. Some of my favorite characters are the ones who evolve and overcome the circumstances of their life. My favorite character in this read is Garin! He is complex, charismatic, and simply irresistible. He is dark and mysterious and quite unpredictable. The intimacy between Garin and Kyle was raw, beautiful, and smokin’ hot! As these two come together physically, the emotional connection is forged. The secondary characters play a critical role in this read, and their presence only made me feel more invested in every single solitary second! The stakes are high as each moment unfolds!


Overall, Prisoned is a dark and suspenseful read that will keep you entertained from the first word to the last. I highly recommend this read to all of my dark romance friends. Although I realize this is a stand alone read, let me be the first to plead to Ms. Mann for more Kyle and Garin. This is one couple that I am dying for more! Thankfully there is a spin-off in the works! Bravo Ms. Mann! Bravo!

*This was a BR with my SHLUTTY Sistas CC and WAR!*



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