Author Anonymous~ by E.K. Blair

~5++Crazies Stars~


Tori Garrison is a successful romance author married to Landon, an absolute dream and the man she met in college. Her life is full with kids, career and the day to day, and while Tori’s family has been a solid foundation where she feels mostly content, she starts to feel like something is missing. Turning to another author’s advice for book research, Tori establishes an account on a social website that caters to certain sexual lifestyles. Not exactly sure as to what she hopes to find, she experiences much more than she could have ever foreseen.

“I’m a blank canvas that I can paint however I desire. For the first time ever, I get to be the character in my own fantasy land.”

Upon being contacted by Alec, Tori forms an online connection with him almost immediately. From the outset, he is very forthcoming about his lifestyle and preferences, and while Tori opens herself to Alec about intimate details of her life, she fails to tell him about the most important facts. Knowing she is being deceitful to her husband and even to new friend, Tori feels like she can’t stop talking to Alec and starts to crave more.

“I was desperate for it. I needed it. Needed the excitement, the allure, the temptation.”

From this point, Tori makes the decision to transition her friendship with Alec to an emotional level of intimate lovers by talking and sharing aspects of herself that only her husband should enjoy. Addicted to Alec and what he offers, Tori’s descent begins and just when you think she is about to come to her senses, her world shatters. Secrets are discovered, hearts are broken and all that seemed safe and loving transforms into deceit, resentment and doubt.

“You fell for him, didn’t you?”


Obviously, this is a story about an affair and the emotional elements surrounding Tori’s experience are gut-wrenching; however, it is also addicting and exhilarating at times. From the outset, you know Tori is going to make many wrong decisions that will affect her husband and family yet there is also a feeling of sympathy for not just Tori and Landon but also for Alec. Adding to the affair theme, there is a deeper element that surfaces causing Tori to examine her life choices in an effort to save herself and ultimate decision.

Even though there are some who are already feeling the pain that an affair book can bring forth, what makes Tori’s story relatable is that such a situation can happen to any of us because life isn’t black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. Sometimes, people change and detour for a bit. Did I like Tori? While I wished she would make the best decision for herself and her family and wanted her to stop this destructive behavior, I still liked her and I empathized with her plight. Did my heart break for Landon? Absolutely and I cried for his pain. Did I hate Alec? Not at all and I actually fell for him at times. And, that’s the beauty of E.K.’s writing, she forces the reader to experience a range of emotions and doesn’t sugar coat an ounce of this story. It is raw and real.

Author Anonymous is based on a true account of an author’s experience told through the creative mind of E.K. Blair. All the names and identifying details have been changed to protect the author. After finishing this book, I can understand why Anonymous felt the cathartic need to share her story. Honestly, this story blew me away. It is titillating, erotic, sad, painful, provocative and forces the reader to confront a range of emotions in an intensely difficult situation. I’m still reeling from the emotional impact of this one and hope Tori (Anonymous) is able to find her way. Needless to say, I highly recommend Author Anonymous!!
*An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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