Leave a Mark ~ by Stephanie Fournet

~5 Crazies Stars~

“You amaze me. You arrest me. You ignite me.”


Leave a Mark is a contemporary romance set in southern Louisiana. The combination of the vibrant sights and sounds, the tender romance, and the complex characters made this a truly superb read.



Wren is an adventurous tattoo artist with a great deal of tenacity. After overcoming numerous obstacles throughout her childhood, she has found peace by living life to the fullest and covering her body with art inspired by her soul. When Wren lands in the hospital, she is placed in the care of Dr. Leland Hawthorne.

“Lee only had a hint of what it was like to know Wren Blanchard, but a hint was enough.”

Lee has always done “the right thing”. He has always dated “the right girl”. When he meets Wren, his entire world is turned upside down. She seems to be everything he has always wanted and just didn’t know it. The only problem is Lee has a girlfriend and Wren isn’t exactly the type of woman he can bring to all of his philanthropy auctions and resort parties.

“They don’t really go together…they don’t really work together.”


“Even as he kissed her back, Lee could feel her struggle, feel the civil war she waged within herself.”

When Lee discovers that Wren is not just what he wants but who he needs in his life, he sets his sights on making her his. Wren is hesitant to trust the good doctor. After all, she has been abandoned and ostracized so many times. Can two people from two completely different worlds truly find love in each other?

“This was no gentle ascent. It was a freefall.”


“You’re perfect for me in every way.”

Told in dual POV, Leave a Mark is tender, sweet, and quite a complex read. I was quite taken by Wren and the strength of her character. Her creativity, loyalty, and quick wit kept me engaged the entire read. Lee is just as complex carrying his baggage from the past. The character growth that takes place throughout the story was inspirational and quite heart warming. I adored the intensity of “the chase” while Lee was trying to win over Wren’s heart. The pacing was steady throughout, and I loved the supporting characters. Wren’s grandmother is possibly my favorite with her flair for Louisiana cooking and her constant stream of words chalked full of wisdom. The pop culture references were unique and made the read highly entertaining! Certain elements of Wren’s past were quite heart wrenching and the way in which the author weaved the plot together with flashes from the past was quite spectacular.


Overall, I highly recommend Leave a Mark to my tender romance loving fans. This read will warm your heart and leave you smiling for days! This was my first book by Ms. Fournet, and I can guarantee it will not be my last. I look forward to reading many more!

*Read as part of the fun on Shh…TopPicks with Alessandra, Liz, Carlene & Anna: Aug. 21: Heroes inked to shhweet perfection!



*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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