Retrieval~by Aly Martinez

~5 Crazies Stars~

“As much as I needed to keep my distance, I knew it was futile. I’d never been able to stay away from him.”

Retrieval is the first book in The Retrieval Duet and it was by far one of the best reads of the year for me! With the intriguing plot, complex characters, and smoking hot romance, I simply could not tear my eyes away! Warning: you will want to have book two locked and loaded on your Kindle because once you start this journey, you will not want to stop! I started this at around 11 PM with the intention of reading a few pages and let’s just say I didn’t sleep until the last page was read. Retrieval is one contemporary romance that you do not want to miss!

“Elisabeth was my soul mate on every level. And she was paying the price for that.”

Elisabeth and Roman shared a love like no other. After a few years of marriage, they grew as best friends and lovers and yet, even the most perfect relationships stumble when imperfections creep in. Despite the love they share between them, they have torn apart. Divorced, heartbroken and now alone, they try to find a way to go on without the other by their side.

“My past, present, and future were walking out of my life, and I stood immobile as every fiber in my being screamed for me to drop to my knees and beg her to stay.”

“I can’t do this with you, Roman. Not again.”

Two years later, Elisabeth and Roman are brought together again due to an unlikely circumstance. Roman, now a successful business man wants nothing more than to win Elisabeth back. Elisabeth is terrified to let Roman back into her heart. However, the physical and emotional connection are so strong between the two that it doesn’t take them long to discover that the love between them is still there just waiting for them to find their way home. Only this time, Elisabeth and Roman are prepared to hang on to each other through the storm.

“Thrust after thrust, his strong arms held me to his chest and he fucked me hard and fast. It was feral, and had it been any other man in the world, it would have been punishing. But it was Roman, and he was back.”

“A love like ours wasn’t measured in years, distance, or time apart.”

Told in dual POV, Retrieval has a well-crafted plot with unique twists and turns that will keep you entertained the entire read. While the story is focused on Elisabeth and Roman, the focus shifts seamlessly back and forth between the main characters and some secondary characters that become quite significant to the overall arc of the story. Roman is indeed my favorite character with his feral attraction to Elisabeth and his unwavering devotion to her and their marriage. Elisabeth is a perfect counterpart for Roman, and together the physical connection was intense and smoking hot! Roman is quite dominant both in and out of the bedroom. And the witty dialogue throughout enhanced each moment and offers a perfect balance to the extraordinary circumstances these characters are facing. In addition to the shifting POV, we also glimpse moments from their past that are critical to understanding the entire dynamics between the two. I felt this was such a clever way to establish the history between them as it enables the reader to engage in the conflict they are facing “in the now.” I have always been an Aly Martinez fan, but seriously this book BLEW ME AWAY!

Overall, there is simply nothing better than a story that carries you away to another place. Retrieval is a perfect blend of romance, action, intrigue, and will captivate you for hours! The characters are truly unique and utterly perfect. Every emotion is felt deep and the joy I experienced when Elisabeth and Roman came together again left me smiling for hours. Really, what could be better? This is one series that I would love to see unfold on the big screen. No doubt it would be a blockbuster hit! Until then, I will be re-reading this one again soon!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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