El Diablo~by M. Robinson


“I knew I was going to Hell. I just never imagined…I would be taking her with me.”

El Diablo is a dark and delicious treat full of action, suspense, angst, intrigue, passion, and dark romance. The highly anticipated story of Alejandro the ruthless mob boss certainly does not disappoint! We met Alejandro in the final book of the Good Ol’ Boy Series Crave Me. Although El Diablocan be read as a stand-alone, I was so happy to have read the entire Good Ol’ Boy Series because it gave me a full perspective on the arc of these characters!


“Actions will always speak louder than words.”

Alejandro wasn’t always “the devil”. As a son, brother, and friend, he begins his coming of age just trying to learn how to be a man. Despite the tenderness and goodness in his mom, it doesn’t take him long to be swept up into the family business. His domineering father takes hold of him and thrusts him deep into the darkness of the crime world. Despite his father’s best efforts to keep Alejandro deeply entrenched in the dark, his son still manages to find love. He loves his sister passionately and falls in love with a sweet girl from the “wrong side of the tracks”. Although he tries to protect them both from the evils surrounding them, there is nothing that can stop the evil to come! But even “the devil” deserves some goodness in his life, right?

“Contemplating if this was the life that I was destined to lead. No family. No love. No God. Only darkness.

“She was like the forbidden fruit I wanted to fuck.”

After losing his first love, years pass, and Alejandro continues to grow hard. The darkness continues to swallow him whole, and it seems that there is nothing that can pull him out. It is the bright eyes of a ballerina named Lexi that seem to spin his world off of its axis and causes him to grasp a glimmer of light. And yet, with so many secrets, missed opportunities, and gut-wrenching moments spent between the two it seems that maybe Alejandro will never be able to escape the dark.

“I was already going straight to fucking Hell. I just didn’t want to drag her into the inferno with me.”

“Placing her leg back on the lowest barre. I eased into her opening from behind, stretching her slowly, gently, letting her adjust to my size. Rubbing her breasts, stimulating her clit at the same time. Playing her body like it was made just for me.”

Told in dual POV, El Diablo spans several agonizing decades. As the plot unfolds, there were numerous twists and turns that left me shaking my head and clutching my Kindle for dear life. Alejandro’s evolution was painful and full of heartbreak. I felt that his character development was explored quite expertly, and every aspect of that’s man persona held me captive the entire read. Lexi was a perfect counterpart for Alejandro. I was quite impressed with her tenacity and spunky spirit. Together they share an explosive ride full of multiple moments of joy, passion, and gut-wrenching heartbreak. There was a point in the process that I was more than ready for a resolution! Needless to say, this is not a read for the faint of heart. There were certain shifts in the plot that were quite shocking and yet; I feel like M. Robinson is always 100% committed to seeing her characters through. The more pain these characters experience the sweeter the joy at the end of the journey. I thoroughly enjoy the writing style of this author and as always, the steam factor is off the chart. Although Alejandro is a mob man, it is imperative to note that the story’s main focus is on the journey of Alejandro and his quest for allowing himself to be loved.


Overall, I cannot recommend El Diablo enough. With its addictive blend of sexy romance, action, intrigue, and dark undertones, it will keep you entertained the entire read. In true M. Robinson style, integrated into the story she offers a sliver of what is to come. With an MC Series in the works, no doubt there will be many more winning reads to come from the “Queen of Angst”. When M. Robinson is writing, my Kindle is always ready and waiting!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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