Chandler~by Laurelin Paige

~4 Crazies Stars~

“I’ve discovered her secret, one she hasn’t even figured out herself—she wants what I want. And not only does she want it—I’ll make her need it.”


Chandler is Fifth Book in the Fixed Series. The Pierce Family is back and this time, it’s Hudson’s brother Chandler’s turn to climb his way up the corporate ladder and land the perfect girl!

“I’m crazed with my lust. I’m barely restraining now, but the illusion of the scenario has set fire into my veins, fire that won’t be smothered until I’ve given her everything I have.”

Chandler is all grown up and finally has the opportunity to shine. Now that Hudson is a full-fledged family man he needs his brother to take on more responsibility around the company. Chandler is more than willing to take the opportunity to prove his worth. After having his heart broken, Chandler has rules for himself when it comes to women. However, when a British beauty named Genevieve enters the scene, Chandler sets his eyes on the prize!


“Her mouth drops open in a silent gasp. Not the kind of gasp that says, No or Stop. The kind of gasp that says more.”

When it comes to conquering the corporate kingdom Genevieve has always struggled to prove her worth to her father. Although he has granted her work in his business, she merely exists as the beautiful arm candy and decor instead of being considered a valuable asset to the company. She is determined to change his mind. With the possibility of gaining ground by winning trust with Hudson Pierce, Chandler seems to be the perfect way to break in! Chandler and Genevieve have plenty in common and when they connect the passion is explosive, and all of a sudden rules, family, and corporate boundaries are forgotten.

“Climb up on my cock, I’m going to make you come.”


Told in Chandler’s POV, Chandler is a sexy contemporary romance that had me laughing with every turn of the page. Chandler and Genevieve have amazing chemistry, and their witty banter was lively and full of nonstop fun. It was such a treat to be back with the entire Pierce family. Chandler was so different from his older brother Hudson, and the combination of the family dynamics, intense sexual chemistry, and the intrigue in the plot made this one sexy read!
I have always been a fan of Ms. Paige’s work and Chandler is just another winner to add to the shelf. If you are looking for a contemporary business romance with sizzlin’ chemistry and hilarious dialogue, I highly recommend you meet Chandler today!

*An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. ARC won in Shh.. Summer Buzz Book Event 2016!



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