✈️✈️ My Rating 4.5 ★★★★”PERKY” Stars ✈️✈️

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

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Kendall Sparks aka Perky as Mr. PlayBoy calls her; is running away to think about her future.  At only twenty four years of age she has been left with a big responsibility from her grandfather and she is not sure what to do.  She finds herself at the airport searching for places she could go and escape; however what she didn’t realize was that she will find someone that was going to show her the ride of her life “literally” *sigh*.



Carter C. Clynes, twenty nine; HOT pilot with the most beautiful hazel eyes and the most playboy in his airline was just living life screwing all the woman in each town he landed and every flight attendant except for the lesbian one of course (LOL).  Anyway; he found this way of living as an escape to reality; he hide in the air and with sex.  He had a trauma in the past with love that he couldn’t move on from. However; he meets a girl who makes him want to be better and he tries not to mess up.

“Someday, Perky. Someday…when you’re ready, you’ll realize just how dirty my mouth can be all over you. And you’ll love it.”

Carter and Kendall meet each other at the airport and an adventure of a lifetime begins while they are together.  Carter made Kendall forget the reason why she was trying to get away in the first place.  However; he was the most playboy and her insecurities kept getting on the way of her feelings that slowly both started to developed for each other during their time together.  Carter’s naughty side came out and oh good lord; I was laughing so hard with him he just cracked me up so much I loved his character.  He wanted to get into Kendall panties from day one but he knew she was different and tried his best to keep it in his pants as much as he could; he tried though and it was priceless.  Kendall tries her hardest not to fall for this man but it was almost impossible not to.

“I was just a girl sitting with a hot pilot, sipping drinks on the beach in Rio. I was a confused person, ready to sell her soul and that of her unborn child…Now, I’m just …loved.”

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These two had me laughing from beginning to end. The story was super hilarious and unpredictable.  Believable?! Probably not but I completely enjoyed and devour it none the less. Carter had to deal with his past; he thought he did but after a huge breakup between him and Kendall he realized he was far from being fixed so he tried to get better even if he didn’t have her he wanted to move on.  Kendall on the other hand never gave Carter a chance; she got scared and that threw me off a bit because he was honest with her since the beginning.  However; there’s nothing like a good makeup session haha.  Both characters had to deal with their own demons and found their way back to each other once again.   If you like a light, funny and adventure ride this book is totally for you. 


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