Transfer~by Aly Martinez


“Lean on me, babe. You don’t have to brave right now.”


Transfer is an absolutely stunning conclusion to the Retrieval Duet. To enjoy this read, you must read the first book in the duo Retrieval. The rich writing and complex characters in this series enveloped me from the first word on the first page, and I simply could not get enough. This unforgettable duet is an absolute must read!


“Sometimes, when I dreamed, I’d travel back in time to the days when I’d thought my life was hard.”

Picking up the pieces of her shattered life Claire is desperate to keep her daughter safe and make sense of the madness swirling around her. She is terrified of her abusive ex-husband and has found solace in the arms of her protector Heath. As Claire makes sense of it all, she becomes stronger than ever and vows to find goodness once again.


“Fuck my job. Fuck the entire investigation. I wasn’t quitting on Claire Noir no matter how things ended.”

Heath is careful as he gives Claire his friendship. Although he hopes for more, he recognizes the tender state that Claire is in. Additionally, with his job on the line, he must find a balance between keeping her safe and remaining professional. The stakes are high for Claire and Heath and as the strong emotional connection between the two grows, coupled with the intense physical attraction, it doesn’t take them long to find lasting love with each other.

Did you just spend an hour getting permission to fuck me?”


“…guide me home Claire.”

Told in dual POV, Transfer has a beautifully crafted plot with action, complex characters, and smoking hot romance! Roman and Elisabeth, the spotlight characters fromRetrieval, continue to play a critical role in the plot and the dynamics between all four characters was quite entertaining. I enjoyed the diversity between the two couples and loved how they complimented each other so well. The story arc was well developed, and the twists and turns kept me engaged the entire read.


Overall, Transfer and Retrieval blew my mind, made me smile, and the action kept my heart pumping the entire time. Aly Martinez deserves a standing ovation for this masterpiece of work, and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

***The Retreival Duet***
Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet, #1) by Aly MartinezTransfer (The Retrieval Duet, #2) by Aly Martinez

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*


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