Secret Sins ~ by C.D. Reiss


Margaret “Margie” Drazen is a whirlwind of confidence and an impenetrable cool exterior. Being a Drazen hasn’t always been easy for Margie, but she embraced the connections her family name brings and yet she learned how to stand on her own. While interning at a law firm, Margie starts to work on a case that brings her past full circle into her present when a certain man re-enters her life.

“I go by Drew now,” he whispered.”
“I go by Margie. My real name.”
“I remember.”
“I didn’t expect you to.”

Once upon a time there was a redhead that called herself Cinnamon, or Cin for short, but calling her a groupie seems lesser because her relationship with two band-mates was much more than just skin on skin. Indiana “Indy” McCaffrey and Stratford “Strat” Gilliam were members of Bullets and Blood and Cin had a certain way about her even in her late teens to forge a unique bond with these musicians. The attraction to Indy and Strat was instant and dynamic and the sexual tension never waned which led to some sizzling hot times.

“All I had to do was stay still as they fucked me like two musicians with the same beat. One in, one out. Then both in at the same time.”

For those who have been waiting for Margie’s story, this book doesn’t disappoint, as we get a glimpse into Margie during her teens – a time that helped to shape Margie into the woman we admire by the end of CD’s various series (Songs of Submission, Songs of Perdition and Corruption.) By learning more about Margie’s past, it enriched her character development and led to a huge revelation that still has me reeling!! While I figured out the secret early on in this book, it did not lessen the impact in any way because it makes perfect sense!! I simply loved it and felt for Margie’s experience.

It is no secret that I’m a huge CD Reiss fan and being reunited with a Drazen sibling feels like returning home. Casting aside any bias, the prose are lyrical and the reader will easily get swept up in the enigma of Margie. I highly recommend Secret Sins to everyone who wants a story of first love, a second chance and some hot times with a fiery heroine and a hotter than hell rock star hero.


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