The Player~by Claire Contreras


“We’re just chasing moments together. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?”


The Player is one smoking hot read that you will not want to miss! I am a huge fan of Claire Contreras and this contemporary romance about a hot soccer star and the Dominican Republic girl certainly did not disappoint! The Player will you steal your heart, make you laugh, and have you swooning over every page!


“Last time I tamed a player, I got burned.”

Camilla is a strong independent NYC girl. She is close to her family and has found success in her job helping troubled teens. When she receives word that she is going to be evicted from her building for new construction to go up, she is livid. She and her friends go directly to the source in hopes to convince them to re-think their plans.

When Camilla takes on the big corporation responsible, she comes face to face with an athletic god named Warren. Unbeknownst to her, Warren is a soccer superstar who is in the states for a few weeks. Warren is quite taken with Camilla, and once he sets his sites on her, he will do whatever it takes to win her affections or in the least get her in his bed!

“I have trust issues.” “So do I.”


“I haven’t chased after a woman since I was seventeen, so you should take it as a compliment.”

Camilla is no stranger to players and is adamant about staying away from the wealthy superstar. With his manwhore reputation and playboy status, Camilla doesn’t want anything to do with him. Warren is convinced that Camilla is different and wants to get to know her. He steps away from the fancy cars and five-star restaurants and spends time with Camilla in New York. Between riding the subway and spending time with her family, Camilla and Warren fall in love. But even the greatest star-crossed romances can’t compete with deep secrets that can tear them apart. Warren will do whatever it takes to keep Camilla by his side.

“I don’t want to want you this much.”
“But you do.”
“But I do.”


“It was craze and wonder as he brought me to the brink again. I was still panting, writhing…he settled between me, placing his forehead against mine, and with our gazes still locked, he tugged my hand and placed it over his heart, where I could feel it beating wildly, unrestrained.”

Told in dual POV, The Player is rich with its scenic backdrop, complex characters, and riveting plot. I was completely enraptured by the plight of both main characters as they revealed their insecurities. Their families and friends enhanced the plot greatly with their unique personalities and witty dialogue! Perhaps my favorite element of the read is the sensory overload I experienced while reading this book. There is nothing better than seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting each and every moment. The writing is quite descriptive and so complete that I didn’t miss one single moment! The passion between Warren and Camilla was smoking hot, and their relationship has a natural evolution that was equally heartbreaking and genuinely touching at the same time. It’s no secret that I love a tattooed alpha male but add in a spunky, independent heroine and my Kindle, and I are very very happy!


Overall, I recommend The Player to ALL of my reading friends. I believe this is one beautiful romance that everyone should experience. With the complex characters, sports action, intricate plot, and smoking hot passion, Warren and Camilla are officially one of my favorite couples of all time! Bravo Ms. Contreras!

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*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!


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