Down Shift~by K. Bromberg


“I can’t knowingly walk you into my storm without showing you where the lighthouse is so you have a way out before you even begin.”


Down Shift is book 8 in the Driven Series, and the little boy Zander who stole everyone’s heart in the first three books of the series is back. Zander isn’t a sweet little boy anymore. He is all grown up! Despite his successful career and the unconditional love and support from his family, there are demons from his past that resurface and threaten everything. “Like father like son,” it takes the love of a good woman to bring him back home.


“And there he goes. Laying down the gauntlet to see if I’ll pick it up and reciprocate.”

When something significant from Zander’s past shows up on his doorstep, it rocks his entire world. He acts reckless, hurts his family, and escapes to a small beach town where he can be alone and deal with the wreckage of his life. Smitty has offered up his “flip house” for Zander to live in, and “fix up” the house and “fix himself” at the same time. The only problem is Smitty’s wife had the same idea when she offered the house to another broken soul. A sweet and quirky artist donning long knee socks named Getty.


“Let me worship you, Getty.”

Getty is shocked with Zander’s presence, and their initial meeting is quite explosive, to say the least! Getty is on the run. After experiencing her own heartbreak and pain, this beach house is her last chance to rebuild her life. Getty only wants a sliver of peace in this quiet town. With the help of a mundane bartending job and her art, Getty is on her way to achieving her dream. And then, Zander spells disaster for her quest to find peace. But with two beautiful broken people living together in a quaint beach town, it’s only a matter of time for sparks to fly and for fiery passion to explode between the two.


“It’s about letting yourself go because you trust the other person to take you there.”

Told in dual POV, Down Shift captivated me completely. The first half of the read was a bit of a slow burn as the main characters reveal the truths behind their presence in the house. However, the time invested was well spent because as the pieces of the plot began to unravel, and Getty and Zander grew closer, the passion was explosive and its buckle up your seatbelt for another ride on the Bromberg emotional express. It is beautiful. It is dark. It is unforgettable! Zander and Getty are both complex, and the depth in the story arc was wonderful as each moment transitioned into the next. I loved the symbolism of the ocean’s healing power to heal the hurt in both Zander and Getty. I loved the relationship between Zander and Colton and the moments they shared pulled every emotion out of me! Some aspects of Getty’s story were slightly predictable and yet, orchestrated with concise precision and paired with Zander’s story made for the perfect pairing. I felt the emotions through each page, and of course, the STEAM FACTOR was OFF THE CHART!


Overall, I recommend Down Shift to all of my contemporary romance fans. Although this book is the eighth in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone. But truthfully, why would you want to skip any of them? I have been a fan of Bromberg’s work since Colton first raced onto my Kindle and Zander has indeed found a permanent residence next to his dad on the HOLY HOT/CAN’T GET ENOUGH SHELF! I can’t wait for more creative genius from this author. When she is writing, my KINDLE is always ready and waiting.

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*ARC graciously provided via TRSOR in exchange for an honest review!



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