“I’m so pucked. There’d better be a support group for hockey hookers. I’m going to need it after tonight.”


After reading Pucked, I realize that the title could not be more indicative of how I feel about this series. I am trulyPucked! And it feels good! Helena Hunting’s text is loaded with humor and wit, colorful characters, sports action, and smoking hot sex! When you are looking for the sweetest kind of escape, what more could you be looking for?

“As the lone female among the throng of giant males, I stick out like a pair of boobs in a sea of dicks.”

Violet Hall is a quirky young woman who likes to live her life to the fullest. With a stepbrother and stepfather in the NHL Hockey business, Violet is no stranger to the life and all of its glitz, more glam, and the flash of the media. When her mom and stepdad convince her to join them on a quick trip to a hockey game to support Chicago’s winning team, she packs a bag and off they go. After a fast game and some post-game celebration, Violet meets the captain of the team Alex Waters! Although her protective stepbrother Buck isn’t happy with the meeting, she has no problems spending one night with the hot hockey star. Although Violet isn’t a one-night stand type of girl, the time is well spent between the sheets!

“I can’t wait to have my mouth on you again. I’m gonna eat you like I’m on death row and you’re my last goddamned meal.”


“He’s like the Energizer Bunny on crack with an amazing dick.”

Alex Waters could not be more shocked by his attraction to Violet. He knows it is a bad idea to get involved with a team-mates sister and frankly he isn’t the relationship type man. Or is he? As Violet and Alex get to know each other, they realize that their compatibility factor is off the charts. Is Alex truly ready to shirk off his playboy persona and embrace Violet as his one and only?

“She’s not a hooker; she’s my girlfriend!”


“Sign me up for Alex Waters Anonymous. I officially have a problem!”

Told in dual POV, Pucked is outrageously laugh out loud funny. I cannot tell you how many times I laughed so hard I cried! Violet is one of those characters you cannot help but love. She is so vulnerable and open with everyone and when she opens her mouth you never know what is going to come out of her mouth! Alex is a perfect hero for Violet. He is more polished and paired together they are a perfect match! The plot is simple and yet the characters and their colorful idiosyncrasies make this a complex ball of fun. The physical connection between Alex and Violet was off the charts. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Ms. Hutning so craftily transformed a humorous hockey romp into a sincere and tender romance. The secondary characters are critical to the story arc and make a clear path for more pucked goodness to come!

Overall, I simply cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this read. Alex and Violet are quite entertaining and I am dying for more PUCKED goodness! The blend of hockey, smoking hot sex, and colorful characters are sure to keep me coming back for more.

***Pucked Series***
Pucked (Pucked, #1) by Helena HuntingPucked Up (Pucked, #2) by Helena HuntingPucked Over (Pucked, #3) by Helena HuntingForever Pucked (Pucked, #4) by Helena HuntingPucked Under (Pucked, #4.5) by Helena HuntingAREA 51 Pucked Series Deleted Scenes & Outtakes (Pucked, #4.1) by Helena Hunting


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