Vacant~by Ker Dukey

~4.25 Stars~


Vacant begins with Cereus Braxton trying to pick up the pieces after Ryan walked out of her life. Knowing their bond is immeasurable, Ryan’s voice pervades her mind providing peace within her dark thoughts. With Cereus always knowing she was a different than most, her urges are starting to surface, and more than ever, Cereus wishes Ryan would return for her.

“I want to be found or preyed on; if that’s what I am, his prey.”

Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to keep himself pre-occupied with a diversion, but despite not having direct contact with his Cereus, he maintains a close eye on her. Seeing Cereus struggle with her desires amongst is challenging for Ryan and he badly wants to bring her into his world.

“She’s meant to live in my world, give it color and chase the shadows with me.”


Guest Reviewer CC

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