Worked Up~by Tessa Bailey

~4 Crazies Stars~

“He was completely lost for this woman.”


Worked Up is the third book in the Made in Jersey Series. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, the characters are interconnected throughout the series. Tessa Bailey is steaming up Kindles everywhere once again with this smoking hot romance that will certainly get you Worked Up.
Duke Crawford is the town “big guy” who takes care of his four sisters, loves to throw back a cold one at the local bar, and lives for sports center. He is a bit of a relationship phobe who is driven to work hard and live life to it’s fullest without saddling himself to one woman. When Samantha Waverly rolls into town, she flips his plan completely upside down!

“Yeah. Tonight, she’d set herself up for a fall.”


“The ownership in his eyes, the way he’d touched her…there must have been a small, long-denied piece of Samantha that craved the chance to belong to someone, as sure as they belonged to her.”

Samantha rolls into town with one purpose and Duke Crawford wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. When Duke offers to help her out, there is an instant connection between the two. Samantha is more than concerned about getting tied up with anyone. She has worked hard to protect herself, but considering her current dilemma, Duke might just be the answer to all of her worries. When Duke and Samantha come together, the chemistry is sizzling, and when the emotional connection is made, they both are terrified! Duke will do anything to convince Samantha that she is made for him!

“If it does hurt in the morning, I’ll find somewhere private to cup you in my hand. Right where it’s sore. I’ll apologize and give you a nice, easy rub. Kiss the sexy mouth that took me to the throat.”


“Church, work, restaurants, up the pathway to the house. I’m going to hold an umbrella over your head when it’s raining. I’m going to carry you when you’re sick. Carry your sketchbooks, too. I’ll do that for my sweetheart. I’ll do everything.”

Told in dual POV, Worked Up is a passionate sexy romance with endearing characters and a heartwarming plot. Duke is one of my favorite characters from the series, and it was quite a treat to witness him finally meeting his match. Samantha is a vibrant heroine, and her awkward, quirky actions were laugh out loud funny! The supporting characters continue to enhance this small town and keep me coming back for more!
Overall, Worked Up is another winning read from Tessa Bailey. If you are looking for a smoking hot romance with amazing characters and an endearing plot, look no further because Duke and Samantha deliver quite a treat! I look forward to many more Tessa Bailey greatness to come!

***Made in Jersey***
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*An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. ARC won in Shh.. Summer Buzz Book Event 2016!



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