4.5 ★★★★ “Do it for the Cake” Stars

Genre: YA Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Male

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“My dad had always said life was full of ups and downs. “Son, you win some days; you lose others. That’s just how it works.”


 Matthew Rohan; was born with autism spectrum disorder and a combination of other stuff like ADD and had developed various obsessive-compulsive behaviors aka OCD.  Every single day was a struggle for him.  Everything had to be perfect, he had to have a routine and any changes could cause him to black out and totally lose control.  He was bullied at school and it was just awful to see this.  This boy at only eighteen years old just wanted to graduate high school and was trying his best to adjust to a life without his parents.  He had lost both parents and had an older sister at a facility for autism patients.  Matthew was just adorable thought; he spoke whatever was on his mind without thinking and that made him so interesting and cute.  He also had an Uncle Travis and his wife Beth who were there for him every step of the way.

Mayra Trevino; has never really paid too much attention to Matthew until they were both paired to do a project together.  She knew Matthew was different but she never realized why until they had to interact.  She was kind, patience and noble.  I adored this heroine and her father they were both so important on this story.  At only eighteen years old she had a heart of gold she really wanted to understand Matthew and the more time they spent together the more she wanted to be part of his world and help him with his daily struggles.  At first she was scared but that didn’t stopped her she wanted to help.  Not even Travis the protective uncle was able to keep her away from Matthew once she realized how awesome and special Matthew was.


“You are pretty wonderful…You just need to be given the opportunity to show people that…You are gorgeous. Every girl in our school thinks so, and I am going to be the envy of half the population of Talawanda High School.”

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In the beginning of the book Matthew was rear ended by an unknown driver; the driver left the scene but gave him a lottery ticket.  The entire time Matthew had a ticket he was so strict with his routine that checking if that ticket could change his life made him anxious and he rather not know.  That ticket was almost lost but was it the winning ticket? What does that mean for Matthew? All these questions you will have to read this book to understand and find out for yourself.  His disorder wouldn’t allow to even thinking past that before he would break down.  So he stopped thinking about it.

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“The next piece will be waiting for you in my driveway,” she said. She kissed me lightly and headed out the door to her car and down the street, taking the cake with her. Shit, Shit, Shit. I couldn’t just let that cake get away, so I jumped into my car and followed her. Do it for the cake, I told myself.”

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This book was so cute, a bit sad, but at the same time super funny.  I have never read a book like it before; it just felt so real to me.  The author really makes you understand the struggles children with special needs go thru in a daily basis and is really refreshing and eye opening.  At the end of each day, Matthew views the day as a win or a loss. The incentive of cake, which I thought was adorable motivated him to try new things.  His aunt and now Mayra would use the cake incentive to help him.  I fell for Matthew and Mayra and all the characters.  The aunt was hilarious she was the bomb.  Matthew was so darn adorable he wanted to feel normal and Mayra was the one that made him feel that way something he never thought possible. I giggled so much until my cheeks hurt reading this book because he wanted to understand sexuality and get to that with Mayra he did but the way the author wrote this was so darn enjoyable and real. I recommend this book to everyone because it will always have a special place in my heart because it meant so much to learn that money is not everything. 


F (BR) with my girl Jennifer, I’m the blonde on the left

Book Order:
Win Some, Lose Some by Shay Savage



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