The Reaper’s Mate~by Celia Aaron


“She’s my mate, but she’s fated to die.”


The Reaper’s Mate is the perfect treat to get you in the mood for some Halloween lovin’! This smoking hot paranormal novella is full of passion, fantastic characters, and some serious dirty talking!


“Ride me, angel.”

Mathieu is a reaper. He spends his life ushering souls to the afterlife when their time on earth is up. He has never struggled with the task until he meets his next target. When he sets his sights on Annabelle, he realizes that she is his mate. He can’t take her life when he has finally found the woman he is meant to have by his side.

“His grunts grow deeper and his cock hardens, preparing to empty inside me. I want his come so bad that I start to shake.”

Annabelle Lyric is busy at work hosting an upscale Halloween party when she meets Matt. Matt is quick to grab onto Annabelle and it doesn’t take him long to get her between the sheets. Before Lyric knows what has hit her she and Matt have been plunged into the throws of passion. But the time is ticking and Lyric’s time on this earth is coming to an end. Matt must fight to prove his love for her and great sacrifices must be made!

“He is everything to me. The reaper’s mate.”


Told in dual POV, The Reaper’s Mate is an absolute must read for anyone who enjoys a dirty talking hero with smoking-hot passion set in a unique fantasy world! The tempo of the writing is fast and the plot is full of action and romance. Celia Aaron knows how to turn the temperature up and this Paranormal novella certainly doesn’t disappoint. Although this is currently a stand-alone, I am desperately hoping that Ms. Aaron will give us more!!!!

*ARC graciously offered via author in exchange for an honest review!



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