Credo~by Nashoda Rose

~5 Crazies Stars~

“I will never let you go. Understand me. Never.”


Credo is the long awaited third book in the Scars of the Wraiths. This paranormal series is packed with action, romance, intrigue, and complex characters. In the first book, we met the mysterious Waleron and his beloved Delara. They are fated to be together, and yet, they suffer apart. Finally, it is time for their story.

“She is mine.”

Waleron is the Taldeburu which means he is the protector of the Scars. One of his scars is Delara. From the very first time they set their eyes on each other, the magnetic pull begins. The attraction is intense and yet, Waleron and Delara take their time developing their relationship. When the two finally come together, an everlasting love is forged. However, Waleron is destined to serve the council and protecting the Scars and other business constantly takes him away from Delara. When they are torn apart, Delara is left isolated and alone.

“Even when we were apart, I felt him within me.”


“Every touch, every kiss, sob, breath, it was our last. We could never do this again.”

After years apart, spent in their own personal tormented worlds, Waleron wants nothing more than to take Delara into his arms and love and protect her. However, he fears the beast that lives within. Too much time has passed. The time wasted and brokenness between them has forged a wedge that may never be healed. And yet, when Delara is threatened by demons from her past it is Waleron that stands by her side and refuses to let her go.

“Make no mistake. You may fuck other men, but you will always belong to me.”


Told in dual POV, Credo absolutely blew me away. The prologue starts with a bang and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. The tempo is upbeat and yet it is countered by the constant slow burn of Delara and Waleron’s romance. The pain they both endured is raw and documented thoroughly as the time seamlessly shifts between the past and the present. The secondary characters continue to remain integral to the plot and further strengthen the relationships between the family of the scars. One of my favorite elements of this series is the way the plot is layered and every characters story is explored. One of my favorite couples, introduced in the last book, resurfaces and I can only hope that fate will bring them together for us soon! Additionally, I love getting glimpses of my favorite couples from the other books. All of the characters are critical to each other and the family bond is strong! Since I began this series, I have been dying to know what happened between Delara and Waleron and believe me when I say their story was well worth the wait.

“Baby, we are only hopeless when we’re not together.”

I simply cannot say enough about my love for this series and this author! Nashoda Rose knows how to expertly craft a character with expert detail! Her creativity knows no end! Credo is an absolute must read and the Scars of the Wraiths Series is a must devour for paranormal romance fans! And now, the wait is on for Xamien story. I simply cannot wait to see what happens next in this fantastical world!

***Scars of Wraiths Series***
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