Pretty Stolen Dolls~by Ker Dukey & K. Webster




Jade and Macy Phillips were taught to be cautious around strangers but one day they visited the local flea market and were tempted by a handsome man offering a deal on a beautiful doll. Being the older sister, Jade, tried to protect them from danger but it was too late before she realized monsters exist out in the open. After four years of being Benny’s pretty little doll, Jade sees an opportunity to escape and runs to freedom.

“Erasing that will never be possible unless it’s with the scent of his own blood as he gurgles his last breath.”

Now in her 20’s, Jade is a police detective intent on revenge against Benny. Leaving Macy was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but her only hope now is to locate Macy and save what remains of her sister. The latest missing girl and murder case has Jade on full alert and when certain coincidences begin to occur, she is positive Benny is looking for a new doll.

“I may not be in that cell anymore, but Benny is every bit still my master.”

As Jade further investigates, memories are triggered causing her to reconcile the past with her present. But while it all seems to be spinning out of control, for the first time, Jade has someone that will fight with her and having such security is a completely new concept for her, but will she get what she always wanted.

“The connection between us as he grinds into me is electric. It burns and sizzles in the atmosphere around us, cocooning us in this sexually charged bubble no one can touch. We’re safe in here and the world isn’t a horrible place because in this moment, nothing and no one but the two of us exist.”


Pretty Stolen Dolls is a dark thriller at its best. Written in first person POV alternating between the past and present, Jade’s life unfolds giving the reader the innocent and tainted moments. Knowing Benny is at large provides such ominous foreboding because he doesn’t see boundaries and he will stop at nothing reclaim Jade. But, Jade is brave and resolute about seeking justice.

Jade is a character I instantly liked and admired. She is stubborn, strong and sarcastic and it’s those qualities that enabled her to escape Benny’s prison. Having someone like Dillon in her life adds complimentary dimension to her already complex character. With Benny, he is a true villain with his own issues but his role as a predator is deviously plotted to precision. To manipulate and orchestrate people is one of his greatest strengths, yet he eerily uses such skills for evil.

In this collaborative book with Ker Dukey and K. Webster, the prose flowed seamlessly and the plot was provocatively rich with thriller elements such as tension, intimacy, empathy and fear. To say this plot is tightly woven is an understatement because Wow! When I finished this book, I was so excited because the authors successfully took me on a dark and thrilling journey to the very last word. I loved it!

Without saying more, this is a book you have to experience. I highly recommend Pretty Stolen Dolls!!

Pretty Stolen Dolls series:
Pretty Stolen Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #1) by Ker Dukey Pretty Lost Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #2) by Ker Dukey



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