Wake to Dream~by Lily White


~5 Crazies Stars~


As a young girl, Alice Beaumont started to suffer with violent sleep disorders causing her family to keep her isolated as a safety precaution. Into adulthood, the nightmares continued and to reconcile the fears, she tried to take responsibility on her own. Upon meeting a certain man, he seemed to silence her worst terrors but Alice cannot stop her thoughts.

“Maybe one monster is just scarier than the other,” she mused aloud.”

Maximilian “Max” Frost is a distinguished man of means with his own scarred past. Upon meeting Alice, Max feels an immediate connection and offers her an opportunity she’s never had before. Knowing his limitations and needs, Max balances his life and tries to give Alice a peaceful home, but their relationship is complicated and trying to placate the past becomes harder than he thought.

“There are scars we can’t wash away that mark us for life, Alice.”

When Alice’s sister disappears, she seeks answers in her dreams but the reality is too painful. In trying to cope with her choices, Alice seeks the counsel of her childhood therapist to give her perspective. During these sessions, Alice divulges the pain she suffered by those that she loved. Getting to the root of the problem and deciphering where the lines are drawn becomes crucial to understanding Alice’s fears and finding her sister.

“Maybe remembering where you came from will tell me more about where you are now.”

Reading Alice’s journey kept me on the precipice of curiosity and fascination until the very last page. With the intangible nature of Alice’s condition, it adds to the mystery of what is real and how the lines between dreams and paranoia can bleed together. Adding to the suspense, each chapter is structured in such a way that allows the reader into Alice’s mind, and during her therapy sessions, the sense of foreboding is tense. Getting to know Alice’s character in every sense is intriguing. Max is quite a memorable character in his charming but chilling allure.

Wake to Dream is a masterfully crafted psychological thriller that takes the reader into a journey of purposeful ambiguity and twisty interpretation. I highly recommend to dark readers who appreciate a proper mind trip!

*An ARC was generously provided via NetGalley for an honest review.



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