My Rating 5 ★★★★★ “Maitagarri” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Book 3 of Scars of the Wraiths series
POV: First Person – Multiple

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“She was mine. She would always be mine.”

Waleron aka powerful Taldeburu (leader) of the Scars always intrigued me since the beginning of the series.  He has this power that attracted me; his anger and secrets he hide just intrigued me from the beginning; I was dying for this book and man did I enjoyed the ride. Waleron; was born in a family of power and he had promised to protect his people.  All he ever knew was to protect until he met her; a young and gorgeous Scar that changed his world around.



Delara Wyndam was a young Scar who meets Waleron and from the first day they meet she never thought could feel the way she did with this man. From day one his direct possessiveness over her overwhelmed her but it broke thru her heart and he stayed deeply inside her heart.  From that point no matter what happened she knew she was done for without him. She was trained as a warrior Scar by Waleron everything she knew she learned from him.  Their attraction towards each other was electric and magical.  However it was also their destruction.  

“Two people so woven together that we’d become one and the same. We existed without one another, but we’d never lived.”

This book goes back to when they first met and we finally get some answers as all those lost years; why these two suffered and why spent so much many years away from each other.  Waleron gets taken away and Delara almost lost herself without him.  Their bondage was just so strong she couldn’t live without him.  The same happened to Waleron once he broke free from where he was taken hostage for years but even when he returned he thought he couldn’t be with Delara so they both suffered so much, it was so painful to watch them in their struggle. 


“Was fate so cruel to have me love a man so deeply, only to lose him and never recover from the loss?”


 I did loved how Nashoda wrapped this book up, gave us a powerful story proving that no matter the loss time; true love always wins and you just have to go thru a lot of bumps to get there but eventually it will all be worth it.  I enjoyed all the side characters of course and I want more yes, I’m greedy I can’t wait to find out more about Abby and Damien.  Also, the secrets to the amazing Xamien who was Delara’s support for so many years. I loved him a lot and would love to know more about him.  Lovers of paranormal looking for a fast past, hot and suspenseful story this series is defiantly for you.   Once you’ve met the world of the Scars you would never look back.





ஐஐF(BR) with my shhluts WAR & LIZ, I’m the one on the middle ஐஐ

PS: “War” thinks Xamien is hers to claim.  She best forgets about it haha.

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