Win Some, Lose Some~ by Shay Savage


“Sometimes you just have to do, son. don’t think. Just do.”


You know those books that linger in your mind for days and days after you finish reading them? Those characters that are so unique and complex that you can’t stop thinking about them? Those sweet and tender moments that you experienced the first time and loved them so much you go back to your Kindle and re-read entire scenes because you just want to experience it one more time? Win Some, Lose Some just happens to be that kind of book. There is simply nothing like it! I am in complete awe by this contemporary romance!


“No matter what else happened, cake days were always a win.”

Matt has spent his entire life living in the spectrum of Autism. Although he is high functioning, he still isn’t exactly what they call “normal.” Trouble making eye contact~check! Awkward in social situations~check! Never had a girlfriend~check! When it comes to “fitting in”, Matt just doesn’t. When a high school project teams him up with one of the hottest girls in school, his entire world is turned upside down.

“I couldn’t even dream of a more wonderful thing to see, so I planned to do it again as soon as possible.”


“I’d never let anyone hurt her. No one. Ever.”

Mayra represents everything Matt is not. She is polished, well put together, friendly, outgoing, and the list goes on and on. However, something about Matthew Rohan has drawn her in. Mayra and Matt spend time together working on their project and as Mayra gets to know Matt she begins to understand the severity of his diagnosis and yet, she is drawn to him. They develop feelings for each other. As Matt begins to grow closer to Mayra, he struggles with his desire to be with her and his inability to be the man that she deserves.

“I love you…I love you…” we repeated in unison between kisses. I couldn’t imagine anything else could be closer to bliss, so I gave in to the warmth of her love. Best win ever.”


“Everything good in my life is about you. You make me want to try harder and do things I never would have considered before, and even if I fail, you’ll still be there to help me get back up afterwards.”

Told in Matt’s POV, Win Some, Lose Some is an absolute must read. Because the main characters are 18, it still has a touch of coming of age, and yet, the circumstances of both Matt and Mayra give them a certain maturity that makes their romance that much more complex. Matt is, of course, the stand out character for me because we get to experience every moment he is feeling. We hear his inner dialogue voicing what he would like to say and then read his actual dialogue which is what he can express verbally. It was such a remarkable experience to watch his transformation. Mayra doesn’t “cure him” because Matthew isn’t broken. Instead, they find their way together. And the way is beautiful, sexy, romantic, tender, and unforgettable. The supporting characters enhance the plot with the family love and light drama they bring. The pacing is perfect with a well-developed plot and creative elements thrown in, you will be laughing until you cry!


“Win. So much win!”

I started reading Win Some, Lose Some around 11:30 p.m. with the idea that I would read a chapter and then go to bed. Matt and Mayra were far to enticing and blew that plan out of the water. At approximately 4:00 am, I realized I had read the entire book cover to cover. I COULD NOT STOP! Shay Savage has always been one of my go-to authors. She is versatile, creative, and knows how to write! Win Some, Lose Some is now my favorite book written by her. After reading and reviewing so many amazing books this year, I can honestly say Win Some, Lose Some is one of my favorites for the year! I highly recommend this book to everyone. Why? You will love every single moment. Ms. Savage gets a standing ovation for this creative work. Bravo!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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