Mr. President~by Katy Evans


“He is the man his father groomed and that a nation has waited for.”


Mr. President is the first book in the White House Series. This Contemporary romance is a forbidden romance lovers delight full of passion, politics, and sizzling hot steam!


“A meaningful job and a guy that I loved, those were things I wanted.”

Charlotte, the daughter of a senator, is no stranger to the ways of politics and living in the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C.! Her parents have spent years grooming her to marry into politics and become a productive woman of society. Charlie has always had bigger plans for herself. When she was only 11, she met the First Family. Matt, the President’s Son, became her first crush and a deal was made between the two that if he ever ran for President she would help him win the election. Years later, Charlie is all grown up and Matt’s day on the campaign trail has arrived. When Charlotte and Matt meet once again, Matt is instantly taken with her. Charlie’s crush turns into a full blown infatuation and the two begin a forbidden dance.

“Why didn’t I leap?”


“If you can’t have him in your bed or fathering your children, at least let him be our chief in command.”

Matt wants nothing more than to become the next President of the United States. Taking the stand as an Independent, the cards are stacked against him. Although he is drawn to Charlotte and is happy to have her by his side, he knows that he can never give her what she needs. He has his own demons in his past and that pain serves as a constant reminder for him to stay focused on the job and not give himself to love. He is driven to stay the course and win the election. Although, with Charlie by his side on the campaign trail, he is happy for the distraction she provides. A sensually charged romance begins and remaining hidden from the prying eyes of the press, their families, and friends becomes critical for the success of the race! The stakes are high for Matt and Charlie. Will it be the Presidency or a life together in love?

“I swore I’d never be a politician’s girl…”


“Don’t give these lips to just anyone. They’re too pretty. And too rare. And they’re mine.”

Told in dual POV, Mr. President had me on pins and needles the entire read. I was so anxious for the main characters to be together and forget about the rigors of the world. And yet, the passion Matt encompasses for his country and the race for the White House serves as a constant reminder of his internal turmoil and deepened my sadness for them both. The struggle is real!!!! The story arc is well developed, and the pacing is intense as every second of the campaign is documented. I savored the stolen moments Matt and Charlie shared together and I cringed when I read that the press was near and on the scene. I felt every moment of tenderness Matt offered Charlie even though it felt like he could only give her part of himself. Charlie remains strong and opens herself completely to him. Even with the threat of heartbreak, she is committed to him completely! The secondary characters play a critical role in the plot as they all have their personal gains and losses weighing on the line. With politics, romance, and smoking hot sex, this read will keep the blood pumping the entire read.

“He doesn’t want a wife. Not someone long term. Not at the White House.”


Overall, I highly recommend this read if you are a fan of the forbidden romance genre. Although Matt and Charlie are both consensual adults, Matt is focused on winning the election, and Charlotte is there to help make it happen. As the balance shifts between a life with Charlotte and life as Commander and Chief, where will the pendulum swing? Only Ms. Evans knows the answer to that!!!! Until then, my Kindle will be waiting!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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