Devil’s Honor (The Devil’s Keepers #1)~by Megan Crane


“Baby. Enough. Get on the bike. If we’re gonna fight and fuck all night, we might as well do it somewhere without an audience.”


Devil’s Honor is the first book in The Devil’s Keepers. With a rowdy bunch of bikers, some small town people with big personalities, and a smart and sassy heroine this second chance romance packs a powerful punch!


“Because this is where she’s supposed to be, a garrulous voice from deep inside of him growled. Every fucking night.”

Merritt Broussard knew one thing growing up. As soon as she could, she wanted to get far away from the swamps of her hometown of Lagrange. Compounding her desires to leave is her father, a loyal doctor to the local MC, who lacks in offering her the kind of comfort every daughter desires. When Merritt shares a summer fling with a local biker Joseph “Greeley” Shaw she questions her goals and desires. When her drive to be something more pushes her away, Greeley makes certain that she understands that if she ever comes back, she will have to answer to him.


“She couldn’t help herself when it came to Greeley.”

After launching a successful career in law in the big city of New York, Merritt finds herself in a dangerous situation. The only thing she knows to do is run. The only logical place fo her to go is her hometown. But even the quiet comfort of the swamps cannot protect her from the fierce affections of her former lover Greeley. Greeley, at first, wants nothing more than to seek revenge on his little lawyer for leaving him all those years ago. However, when the two are back together again the old flame is reignited, and sparks fly once again between the two. Merritt is desperate to keep her troubles hidden and not to fall for Greeley again. But the heart wants what the heart wants. And Greeley and Merritt undoubtedly want each other! Mix in some MC troubles and the danger chasing Merritt and we have one fast paced action packed sexy read!


“You’re mine.”

Told in dual POV, Devil’s Honor has a strong cast of characters and smoking hot steam! Although the plot was slightly predictable, I felt the complexity existed in the relationships between the characters. Merritt might seem slightly bothersome to some, and yet, I found her tenacity to be quite appealing. She isn’t ashamed to have set high standards for herself. I found the evolution of her character to be unique. Greeley is a strong hero who is adamant about wanting Merritt by his side. The club business exists in the background and yet there is great promise of things to come as the series continues to develop. The flow of the dialogue was paired well with plenty of internal monologues. The brothers are loyal to each other, and I look forward to hearing each one of their stories. One more standout character was Merritt’s best friend Lanie. She is quite spunky and I look forward to spending more time in this world!


Overall, Devil’s Honor is a must read for MC Romance fans! I am a huge fan of Megan Crane’s Edge Series so it’s no surprise that I would enjoy her MC Series as well! I look forward to more MC goodness to come from Ms. Crane and the Devil’s Keepers!

***The Devil’s Keepers***
Devil's Honor (The Devil's Keepers #1) by Megan CraneDevil's Mark (The Devil's Keepers #2) by Megan CraneDevil's Own (The Devil's Keepers #3) by Megan Crane

*ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!



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