My Rating 4 Stars

Genre: YA Contemporary
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

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“Our eyes locked and I think, in a way, they’ve never left.”

Laney moved to a different town with her dad after her mother basically destroyed the marriage. She was selfish and I don’t’ even want to get here for now. When Laney comes to the new town she meets her father’s new boss and his family. There she falls in love with her best friend who will be with her for a fun journey.

Lucas Preston has a big family one sister and his brothers. His parents were incredible specially his mom; she was amazing to them all. When Laney and her father first came to his house he was little but since the first day he became her best friend. I loved how his brother’s would tease him about her.

Lucas and Laney’s relationship progressed thru the high school years and they were just best friends. She always knew she was in love with him and Lucas did too but both were young and stupid to realize it so they were dated other people and lived like their feeling for each other never existed. When they finally gave into having a relationship; it was bad timing and I was devastated. Laney felt betrayed after she gave him everything that she found someone else and so her new boyfriend took most of her time.

“Ultimately, that’s what true love is, you know? To want to be someone’s hero when they’re faced with villains. To want to be the one who saves them. To be their wonderwall.”

Bad things happens to Laney and none of the Preston brothers realized or her father she was so ashamed she couldn’t opened up to anyone until it was too late. It was so painful to see how much Lucas blamed himself for everything but Laney couldn’t have predicted all the events that happened. It really was not anyone’s fault sometimes life finds you in the worse ways possible and you need to learn to fight back and get out of bad relationships.

This book was truly incredible because I adored all the characters the Preston; Lucy, Lucas, Leo, Logan, Lincoln, Liam and Lachlan. The author really put a well written book about love, life, family, struggles and consequences. It truly was so good. Now I wished I would have read the previews books because I want to know more about the rest of the boys and the sister which I thought was a hilarious character on this book.

“I’ve never stopped looking at you, looking to you, and I don’t want to stop. Not now. Not ever. And I need to see your eyes and I need to hear your laugh and I need you. I need to love you. And I need to love you right.”

Book Order:
Lucas (Preston Brothers, #1) by Jay McLean



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