Ex Games ~ by Stella Rhys


“We face probably a hundred forks in the road over the course of our lives and I guarantee you no one has ever lived to make the right decision every time. But you can’t get the past back and you can’t spend your life wishing you could. You just have to trust that if you’re not in the right place right now, the steps you take from this point forward will get you there.”


Ex Games is a stand-alone contemporary romance with a twisted plot, colorful characters, witty dialogue, and plenty of red-hot steam!


“God, I love how much irritation you fit into just the syllables of my name.”

Taylor Simms is suffering from a broken heart. After her fiancee has left her broken, alone, and drowning in debt, she is scrambling to mend her broken heart and get her life back in order. Just when it seems she might not be able to cure her financial woes, her ex-fiancee’s older brother makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Aaron may have broken her heart, but big brother Mason has the power to put her back together again.


“I thought we were well past this game by now.”
“What game?” I blushed.

Mason Leo is an attractive, wealthy, unattainable God who wants for nothing. When his younger brother Aaron decides to marry his crazy ex, revenge seems to be the answer to saving his brother from making the worst mistake of his life. What is the best way to make Aaron jealous? Hook up with his sweet ex. When Mason convinces Taylor to come with him as his “girlfriend” to the wedding, the game begins. Taylor and Mason haven’t always been the best of friends, and when they are thrown together attraction and friendship spark a flame that won’t stop! As Mason and Taylor grow closer “pretending” to be into each other, the acting transforms into something real. When the rules of the game changes and the secrets are revealed, will Mason and Taylor find that even frenemies with a complicated past can find happiness together forever?


“When you like someone, you don’t want to see them hurt. Simple as that.”

Told in Taylor’s POV, Ex Games offers an entertaining twist to the enemies to lovers trope. Although certain elements of the plot were somewhat predictable, each progression of the plot provides a refreshing twist and turn. The complexities of the emotional turmoil of each character is thoroughly developed and felt to the core with every turn of the page. The tempo of the writing matches the emotional climate of each scene by speeding up and slowing down through each and every moment. Mason is quite the charmer and his smoldering good looks and winning personality make him the perfect match for Taylor. Taylor has been through so much, and her transformation isn’t easy but each moment is beautiful and the strength she gains from the journey is unforgettable. Ex Games is entertaining and fun and yet, full of complexities.


Overall, I highly recommend Ex Games for anyone who enjoys a sexy read full of witty banter, complex characters, and a complex plot! This was my first Stella Rhys read, and I can guarantee it will not be my last! I look forward to reading more from this author!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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