Pretty Lost Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #2) ~ by Ker Dukey


The timeline in Pretty Lost Dolls continues in succession with Jade caught in Benny’s dark world. For eight years, Jade hunted Benny while the entire time Benny also kept track of his pretty little doll, but Jade is no longer a fourteen year old girl and she is ready to reclaim her power. Even with her police training and yearning for justice, Jade is not prepared for what she encounters.

“I’m about to turn her world upside down, shake out everything she so desperately clings to, and fill up every single part of her…with me.”

Benny’s world is finally realigned with the return of his dirty little doll, as Jade seems to be a salve to Benny’s depraved and lonely soul. While he is prepared to punish his doll for losing so many years with her, Benny also starts to show a tender and even more complicated side as he reveals his past.

“There’s a real fine line between love and hate, and I like that you border there. It makes you taste sweeter. Make no mistake who you belong to.”

Pretty Lost Dolls delves into Benny’s character and how his past shaped him and offered answers to Benny’s life. While his past doesn’t excuse Benny’s actions, it provides a solid reason for how he became the way he is. Additionally, I liked how Benny and Macy’s development offered a parallel digression. Although Benny imposed certain moral limitations upon his behavior, they both rejected boundaries when it came to their versions of love. Both having been influenced by wickedness at young ages, it was interesting to read about their descent into darkness.

“I do know the difference between right and wrong, but I just like the way wrong feels.”

With plot twists and action leading to an ultimate finale, Jade and Dillon reach a point neither could have imagined. Jade proved to be a fierce character capable of compassion and trust. Dillon was such a sexy and loyal detective. As a side note, I also loved how he is a friend of a certain other detective from another series by Ker Dukey.

This second and final book offers dimension to the main characters and takes the plot full circle. The collaborative writing team of these authors felt natural and the storytelling flowed well. For me, the darker progression into Benny’s world was outstanding and I kept craving more of his POV. There were a few elements that felt a bit predictable, but with the tone of this book, the introspection proved to be more valuable than an absolutely unexpected twist.

This series is thrilling and is a journey into the disturbed mind of a lost little doll. I highly recommend!!

Pretty Stolen Dolls series:
Pretty Stolen Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #1) by Ker Dukey Pretty Lost Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #2) by Ker Dukey

An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.



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