Pretty Lost Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #2) ~ by Ker Dukey


“So grab your Kindle, a teddy bear, or maybe a friend…friend…friend. Benny’s dirty little dolls are the new trend…trend…trend.”


Pretty Lost Dolls is the second book in the Pretty Stolen Dolls Series! After the shocking conclusion of Pretty Stolen Dolls, I have been obsessed with finding out what was going to happen next. Needless to say, Ker Dukey and K. Webster certainly did not disappoint. Benny, Jade, and Dillon are back, and the stakes are high when survival is on the line.


“When you’re not disobeying, you’re perfect.”


Benny wants one thing in his life, and it is to have his “dirty little doll” by his side. With Jade back in his prison, it seems as if all will be right in his twisted world. But Jade is different now. She has transformed and isn’t willing to let Benny have her. Clinging to the hope that Dillon is searching for her, Jade does all she can to keep breathing and stay alive.

“I will manipulate him. But I can’t show all my cards right away. He’d sense the deception, and my body would become his whipping post.”

As the plot progresses, the horrific truths of Benny’s past are revealed. The violence and dysfunction are incomprehensible, and somehow this broken complex character becomes a lost little boy. Although Jade is broken, she is strong and every moment in hell makes her stronger and more fierce. The connection between Dillon and Jade continues to develop, and the bond that they forge is impenetrable. As each twist of the plot unfolds, there is more terror, more pain, and more passion.


“There’s a real fine line between love and hate, and I like that you border there. It makes you taste sweeter. Make no mistake who you belong to.”

Told in multiple POV, Pretty Lost Dolls is a perfect blend of action, intrigue, and sensuality. The characters are complex, and the tempo is like an erotic dance speeding up and slowing down as every horror is revealed. Certain aspects of the plot were predictable and yet, the nuances of the circumstances remain authentic As much as I would love to expand on my thoughts and feelings on the plot, everyone should jump into this blind. This is one ride you want to experience first hand. Just make sure you have a friend nearby and fasten your seatbelt for the ride of your life!


Pretty Lost Dolls was a fantastic conclusion to this series. The plot is original and carefully constructed to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read. Every single character is complex and integral to the story. Every emotion is felt to the core, and this is one story I will never forget! I can only hope these authors will pair up again to create more greatness! Bravo ladies! Bravo!

***Pretty Stolen Dolls***
Pretty Stolen Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #1) by Ker DukeyPretty Lost Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls, #2) by Ker Dukey

*This was a BR with my Shhlutty sisters Loyda, CC, and WAR!




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