My Rating 4.5 Stars

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Book 5 of Love by Numbers series
POV: First Person – Dual (Male)

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“If it’s worth the risk, then gamble because happiness can be fucking fleeting and forgiveness can be given and accepted easily without the burden of grudges.”

Isaac Fox; living life without any love commitments or attachments was a successful and well known photographer.  He knew exactly where he stood when it involved his sexual desires he was open minded and liked both females and males but he prefers the male team.  One night of lust became a night he never forgot with the one and only hot stuff fitness model Flynn.

 “He’s my every wet dream in the flesh. He’s also my every nightmare.”




Flynn Phillips; super smoking gorgeous man who was born to be famous got all his dreams come true when he landed in the fitness modeling industry.  Woman would throw themselves at him for his attention and he always complied until that one night he started feeling different things that he didn’t want to admit he liked a little too much. 

“I can’t even begin to understand it. This tangible link we have. It makes no sense; it’s stronger than attraction, and it messes with my head because he’s a man.”

I loved Isaac from the beginning I first met him on one of the previews books from the standalone series. I didn’t know much about him but I was dying to know.  He was absolutely an incredible person who loved his family so much; he even sacrificed an entire year of his career to help the family out.  It was such an emotional part of the book that I don’t want to give anything away.  He struggled with being understood though and what Flynn did and how he made him feel had me in angry tears.  I wanted Flynn to feel his pain and boy did he felt it too?! Heck yeah. 




This book was about love, family and finding out your own true self.  It was such a wonderful read to understand the struggle people go thru to find themselves and within understand that what they feel don’t have to be always what people think but what you want.  Flynn and Isaac both were tested thru their boundaries to reach the true love they were both searching for. In all honestly this was my very first only m/m read and I have to say I had to fan myself so much it wasn’t even funny.  I am afraid this would not be my last either.  Readers to enjoy a good love story, super steamy hot, and are not afraid of this m/m genre should totally read this book.  I found myself unable to put it down and enjoyed every minute of it.

“Love isn’t one plus one. It’s one plus one plus one times infinity.”

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