Shattered Poetry (Broken Lives, #2)~by Marita A. Hansen


“I went from feeling like I was on the greatest high ever to crashing within seconds…”


Shattered Poetry is the second book in the Broken Lives Series. After the explosive ending in Broken English, Clara and Dante are back. As chaos continues to crash down on them, the lines between right and wrong become more blurred, and everything that is broken becomes more shattered and beautifully flawed.


“Whether it was women or drugs, bitterness always followed, telling me nothing would, or ever could, be perfect.”

Clara Hatton is back in the classroom and schooling Dante in English has been put on the back burner as the focus shifts to dueling gangs, violence, abuse, and a raw lust that is consuming. Dante is still struggling with his trust issues, and his feelings for Clara only further complicate his ability to find himself. Longing for safety and love, he self-medicates with whatever he can get his hands on. His favorite thing to have in his hands is, of course, Clara.

With her marriage crumbling before her eyes, Clara’s life is turned upside down. Her desire for Dante is toxic to her job, her family, and her conscience. But you know what they say when something feels so right, how could it possibly be wrong?

“I didn’t want her ever to stop touching me. She was better than any drug-ecstasy in female form, her touch giving me more pleasure than I’d ever felt before.”

Told in multiple points of views, Shattered Poetry has a multi-layered plot with many characters clamoring for a better life. With a blend of forbidden romance, gang violence, broken families, and addiction dysfunction colors every moment of Shattered Poetry. The action in the plot keeps the pacing intense, and although I continued to hope for each character to find their way, they seemed to continue to sink further into their own individual torment. With complex characters, an intense plot, and tragic circumstances, Shattered Poetry is full of angst and unbridled passion. If you thought the ending in Broken English was explosive Shattered Poetry is like a crashing tsunami. With the curveball of the century, Ms. Hansen promises to keep us guessing until the bitter end.

Overall, Shattered Poetry is a perfect read for someone ready to dive deep into the abyss of emotions and forbidden romance. Although I wasn’t able to personally connect with any of the characters (or understand their choices), I was completely invested in their stories, and no matter how much I wanted to stop and take a break from the madness, I simply couldn’t tear my eyes away. I cannot even begin to imagine the direction that the genius mind of Marita A. Hansen will take these characters in the next installment in the series. As in all epic stories, it appears that this is only the beginning! With expertly crafted text and vibrant colors, the Broken Lives Series is one that I will never forget.

***Broken Lives***
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*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!

*This is a BR with the Shhluts!




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