4 ★★★★Unexpected and Shocking Stars

Genre: Mystery/YA
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

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“Obsession is strange. One moment you think you have control. And by the time you realize that you’ve lost your free will, you don’t even care.”


Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog caught my attention by its cover and blurb; however little did I know that this author’s writing style was going to consumed me and I ended up enjoying it a little too much than I expected. The book starts with a young girl Victoria Zell struggling at school and desperately trying to fit in. She is loyal to her best friend aka boyfriend and neighbor Andrew who is home-schooled. Everything she does she wants him to know because her loyalty and love to him is always first.

Zachary Zimmerman is a cool boy who becomes interested on Victoria. They become friends and soon he wants to be more to her than just friends. She is obviously confused because she doesn’t want to ruin the love and trust she has with Andrew. Zach seems to understand her dilemma and I found myself unable to stop reading this roller-coaster ride.

“The idea of helping him, of basking in his gratitude…Even then, I craved his adoration like a drug. I don’t know when it became something I’d betray you for, Andrew.”

Victoria blames herself for not being there enough for Andrew when he needed her the most. Now she is falling away from him because she seems to be getting so close to Zachary and that thought scares her so much. He makes her feel things she hadn’t felt in a long time and she just wants more but at the same time she doesn’t.


“Trust can be repaired and regained, but I think sometimes it gets so beaten from you that it shatters into a zillion pieces. Then it becomes nothing more than a word.”

This author brings out a book that has an ending that readers won’t see coming; oh boy was I shocked and speechless at the end of the book?! Heck YES!! And triple YES; in fact I still can’t even believe what the hell did I read??!!! I wished I would have read this with a friend so I could have someone to chat about this MIND BLOWING ENDING and twisted/wicked book. My mind was racing with million ways to describe how I felt but nothing; I mean nothing prepared me for this ride and revelation.


I think readers who don’t mind going outside your comfort zone should read this unique book and if you do please do find me so I can discuss it with someone; trust me this one will have you second guessing everything you thought it was real. haha





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