Becoming a Legend (Kavanagh Legends #3) ~ by Sarah Robinson


“Just remember, when you pick your woman, pick the one who makes you laugh when nothing is funny. The one who could make life great even if you were homeless and living under a bridge.”


The Kavanagh brothers are back with a bang with Kane and Nora’s story. Becoming a Legend, the third in the series, can certainly be enjoyed as a stand-alone and yet, I highly recommend reading the entire series from the beginning in order to enjoy every single solitary moment of this series from the beginning!


“…your family is pretty awesome.”

The Kavanagh family is made up of one sassy Irish mother, a strong Irish father, and a crew of sexy Irish brothers. Rory Kavanagh, the eldest of the brothers, found love with Clare and runs the family mixed martial arts gym. Kieran Kavanagh, one of the Kavanagh twins, has claimed Fiona (and her younger sister Shea) as his and is working hard to help train his brother Kane so that he can win the championship fight of his life. Although Kane is training with expert precision, he can’t help but keep his eyes set on Nora (Fiona’s best friend). Nora has been a regular feature in the Kavanagh family shenanigans, and yet, she has carefully avoided any and all interactions with Kane to protect her heart. Kane wants to pursue Nora, but he knows he must stay focused on the championship fight to win and keep his professional career on track!


“This fight defined him, even if she saw him as so much more than a fighter.”

Nora has many secrets, and although her main goal is to stay on track with school, she has some baggage that she has to deal with thanks to her mother. When the moment arrives for Kane and Nora to be alone, the physical attraction between them is too much, and they decide some “no strings attached” action is exactly what they both need to fix their addiction for each other. After the night of passion passes, both Nora and Kane realize they have feelings for each other. But can a troubled woman battling to overcome the disaster her mother has left in her wake and an MMA fighter prepping for the fight of his life find their way together?


“She wanted either everything or nothing, and she needed to find a way to be okay with whichever outcome occurred. She just wasn’t sure how to do that.”

Told in dual POV, Becoming a Legend offers a perfect blend of action, intrigue, romance, and sexy steam. Nora and Kane are well matched both physically and emotionally. The text, full of funny banter and quick wit, will keep you laughing the entire time. The transformation Nora and Kane make from friends to lovers to “so much more” is entertaining, tender, and a perfect addition to the Kavanagh Series. The most addicting element of this series is the entire Kavanagh family and how they remain loyal and will stop at nothing to protect their family at all costs.


Overall, I highly recommend Becoming a Legend to all of my fighter romance friends. This series is an absolute must-read, and Nora and Kane’s story is a perfect addition to the Kavanagh greatness. I discovered Sarah Robinson after reading the first book in the series, and from book one, I was hooked! I anticipate more greatness to come from this Irish clan and my Kindle, and I are ready and waiting for more!

***Kavanagh Legends Series***
Breaking a Legend (Kavanagh Legends, #1) by Sarah RobinsonSaving a Legend (Kavanagh Legends, #2) by Sarah RobinsonBecoming a Legend (Kavanagh Legends #3) by Sarah Robinson



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