Blackwood ~ by Celia Aaron


“Blackwood’s secrets were mine to discover, and I would find them all.”


Blackwood is a stand-alone thriller/dark romance that will take you on one unforgettable ride. Full of complex characters, an intriguing plot, and one seriously alluring hero, it is an absolute must read for dark romance fans.


“I’m the fucking wolf, and I’ll eat you alive.”

Elise Vale is studying archeology and has the perfect site in mind for her next dig. Blackwood Estate is nestled deep in the forest, and an ominous aura surrounds it. Elise is determined to gain access to dig and hopefully discover the truth about something from her past. Garrett Blackwood, the owner of the estate, wants nothing to do with her or anyone for that matter. Elise doesn’t let him deter her. Forging the documents she needs, she gains the funding and full access to the Blackwood Estate. But when the mysteries of the estate are revealed, will she be strong enough to survive?


“If you said ‘please’, I’d fuck you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to sit down, walk, or breathe for days without thinking of my cock inside you.”

Elise aka Red and Garrett are thrown together in the most unlikely way. Elise refuses to give up on her search for the truth and yet, Garrett offers a very happy smoking hot distraction. As the two grow closer together, Elise experiences a sexual awakening and Garrett transcends to a new level of intimacy in which he has never experienced before. With mystery, murder, and passion on the line, Garrett and Elise must cling to each other to survive.


“You asked for this. For my cock. I’m going to give it to you. Your dripping cunt is mine.”

Told in Elise’s POV, Blackwood is an absolutely superb work of art. The pacing is swift, the action is non-stop, and the physical connection between Garrett and Elise is smoking hot! Garrett has a strong presence with a unique sexual appetite. Elise, with her inquisitive spirit and spunky attitude, is the perfect student for Garrett. Together they are a perfect match. The stakes are high for these characters, and the mysteries are layered throughout the plot. The natural writing style is full of witty banter and colorful characters. I was intrigued and entertained the entire read.


Overall, Blackwood is an absolute must read for anyone who enjoys mystery, rough sex, and strong characters. Although this is not my first read by the talented Celia Aaron, I can say with complete certainty it is my favorite work to date. From the first word to the last word read, I was completely captivated. A trip in the dark woods with the big bad wolf makes for one unforgettable way to escape!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*

*This was a BR with my Shhlutty sisters WAR and CC!



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