Road to Nowhere (Road to Nowhere, #1) ~by M. Robinson



“There would be no coming back from this.”


Road to Nowhere is the first book in the Road to Nowhere Series. It is the story of Creed and Mia. Mia is the daughter of a good ol’ boy, and Creed is the member of an MC who does business with Alejandro Martinez otherwise known as el diablo. Therefore, although this can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading it after reading El Diablo and The Good Ol’ Boys Series. The characters are so richly blended that you won’t want to miss the history that exists between the characters.


“I wasn’t a goddamn saint, never claimed to be, and at the end of the day, she knew I wasn’t.”

Creed is the son of the Devil’s Reject president. As a prospect for the club, Creed has seen more and experienced more than any young man should have seen and done. Trying to balance the work in the club and taking care of his mom and two younger brothers, Creed is in constant chaos. The abuse of his father and the violence of the club cause Creed to experience heartbreak and loss that he will never recover from. As the story progresses and several years pass, Creed continues his work in the MC and serves in the US Military over in Iraq. The only constant in his life has been the love and adoration he has for Mia.


“One day I’d meet my prince, and I’d have my perfect night too.”

Mia is a spunky young girl who loves to surf and lives life to the fullest. When she meets Creed, her older brother’s friend, she is instantly drawn to him. Although he is much older and from the wrong side of the tracks, Creed and Mia form a friendship. Years of stolen moments and letters transform into a lasting bond between the two. Although the age difference is great and they are from completely different worlds, can these two find a way to be together?


“An eye for an eye. Was all I’d ever fucking known.”

Told in dual POV, Road to Nowhere is a heartbreaking story. Creed is such a damaged hero, and his losses have made him cold and hard. Mia is a young girl from a loving family who offers Creed a kindness and goodness that he has never experienced before. When Creed rejects Mia, Mia turns to the comfort of another which causes another sequence of heartbreaking events to occur. In true M. Robinson style, the angst level is high as Mia is only ten years old when she meets Creed. Creed is a man and acts as a man in an MC would. In addition to the age difference, the contrast between the families of Mia and Creed could not be greater. I thoroughly enjoyed the glimpses of my favorite good ol’ boy characters and their family life. The pacing in the writing is steady but be forewarned the time span is great. Ms. Robinson captures the true essence of a gritty MC club and finds beauty in the most broken places. Creed and Mia are truly only just beginning.


Road to Nowhere ends in quite a cliffy so be forewarned, Mia and Creed have a long way to go before they find their happily ever after. M. Robinson remains the Queen of Angst with this heartbreaking and beautiful tale. So have your tissues and a bottle of wine ready before you begin this journey!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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