Odium II (The Dead Saga, #2) ~ by Claire C. Riley


“The future is what I have to look toward-what we all have to look toward now.”


Odium II is the second book in The Dead Saga Series. Nina, the most bad-ass heroine I have ever met, is back and ready for battle!


“People will do anything to protect the ones they love.

Odium II picks up right where Odium left us. Nina, Mikey, and Em are in trouble. Not only do they have to battle the zombies but their fate is in the hands of the Forgotten. As Nina tries to maintain the physical strength she needs to overcome her adversaries, her emotional walls continue to break down as her love for Em and Mikey continues to flourish. Even with Mikey’s dark past, which is now haunting them, her passion and desire for Mikey to be by her side is a constant reminder that there is hope even in this dark and destitute world.


“I am scared, but fear isn’t something to dismiss. So grab hold of it and maybe it can stop us from making the same stupid mistakes as before.”

Told in mostly Nina’s POV, Odium II is a perfect addition to this outstanding series. Nina is by far my favorite heroine of all time. She is sharp, sarcastic, and a real fighter. I simply adore the dynamics between her and Mikey. Mikey and Nina could not be more different, and yet, they are a fantastic match. Nina’s love for her surrogate daughter/little sister Em is natural and as their relationship continues to grow it only makes the love I feel for these characters even more intense. In addition to the unique relationships, the Odium Series offers non-stop action, humorous dialogue, and a creative plot. With the introduction of new characters, there is a revolving door of circumstances and emotions all centered around the same theme….don’t die!


Overall, I highly recommend Odium II to anyone who enjoys an action-packed apocalyptic world where no one is safe, and anything can happen! The characters are complex, and the multi-layered plot will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read! This series is addictive! I simply cannot get enough of Nina and this whole crew of characters. Be forewarned, you will want to have Odium III downloaded and ready to read! Although I fear no character is truly safe, I have high hopes that Nina and Mikey will prevail!

***The Dead Saga Series***
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*COPY graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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