Marriage Games~ by CD Reiss


“Spread me like a sheet of paper. Write your life on mine. Fold past and present together like a letter. I am yours.”



Marriage Games is the first book in The Games Duet, and my first C.D. Reiss read. I am beyond awestruck by the brilliance of this work of art! This epic story of the evolution of a husband and wife is one of beauty, brokenness, passion, tenderness, hate, possession, obsession, and love. If you think I have used too many adjectives to describe my feelings about this read, I can only say that the spectrum of emotions I felt while reading this book is almost beyond my ability to articulate. I will simply attempt to do my best.


“Look at this hole, how deep it is, how wide, how empty. Look how our hearts fit into it so well.”


Adam and Diana have reached an impasse in their marriage. She feels like he is distant. He has done everything he can to make her happy, but he hasn’t given himself to her completely. When Diana makes the decision to pull away and file for divorce, Adam is confused, hurt, and heartbroken. He constructs a plan to win her back.


“He just got so far away. I called for him and his body came to me. He showed up physically. But the him inside? He was elsewhere.”


Adam is convinced that if she only gives him some time he will be able to prove his love for her. Like any good man on a mission, he will stop at nothing to save their marriage, and the game begins. However, when Diana discovers the truth about Adam and his past life, the rules of the game change. Diana is desperate to understand everything about Adam and when the truth is revealed their relationship transforms into something new. However, like a pendulum swinging violently back and forth now, Adam is the one not sure he wants to play the game anymore.



“It’s too late to pretend it didn’t happen.”


Told in dual POV, the first part in Adam’s and the second part in Diana’s, Marriage Games is a game where the stakes are high, and love is on the line. The characters are complex, and the life they have shared together is deeply rooted in love. Both characters have sacrificed so much, and yet, they are like broken pieces that no longer fit. Anyone who has been in a relationship for several years has experienced the ebbs and flows and ups and downs a couple goes through. I related to both characters and I felt desperate for them to find their way back to each other. With a unique plot, colorful characters, a well-developed story arc, tension, passion, and tenderness, I simply could not tear my eyes away.


Overall, I cannot recommend Marriage Games enough. I am completely captivated by this love story, and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. To those of you who have recommended Ms. Reiss’ work to me before I can only say thank you and shame on me for not reading her sooner. Now that the game has changed it is Diana’s turn to prove herself a worthy player and in the end, I hope they both win.

***The Games Duet***
Marriage Games (The Games Duet, #1) by C.D. ReissSeparation Games (The Games Duet, #2) by C.D. Reiss



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