LOYDA’S REVIEW~ Heart Of Eve by Pam Godwin



                                                4.5 ★★★★ Hot & Quickie Steamy Stars

Genre: Paranormal
Type: Short Novella of Trilogy of Eve Series
POV: First Person – Male

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“She was my escape from isolation of this brutal world. Even if it meant challenging the celibacy I’d desperately held my entire life.”

This book was quick, hot, and so deliciously good. If this is only a quick taste of what this series is going to be I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series.

We meet Roark; a smoking hot Irish priest with who is tempted by Eve during very bad times. Everyone is dead or dying and no one is left specially kids or woman. Eve is the only females left that they know of and he is willing to do anything to keep her alive. He found Eve and promised to protect her and now keep her.

Roark finds himself conflicted between desire for this gorgeous woman and the vow he made to God to be a priest and servant of the Lord. But at the end of the world where dead is only left Eve don’t care about that she wants Roark as much as he desires her. Finally he gets a sign and he doesn’t hesitate to take it. Lovers of paranormal and sexy quick reads will be appealing to read this wonderful book.

“I am only human, and she’s my ultimate weakness.”


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Book Series Order:
Dead of Eve (Trilogy of Eve, #1) by Pam GodwinHeart of Eve (Trilogy of Eve, #1.5) by Pam GodwinBlood of Eve (Trilogy of Eve, #2) by Pam GodwinDawn of Eve (Trilogy of Eve, #3) by Pam Godwin


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