Rock Chick Reawakening (Rock Chick, #0.5) ~ by Kristen Ashley


“There ain’t no prince charming for a girl like me.”


When it comes to happiness, I can sum it up in two words Kristen Ashley. When it comes to double happiness, you can add anything ROCK CHICK next to the words Kristen Ashley. Indeed, KA has done it again with this sweet and sexy novella Rock Chick Reawakening! Rock Chick fans have been waiting and wanting more, and the delivery of Marcus and Daisy’s story is utter perfection!


“He deserved better. Much, much better than me.”

Daisy grew up in a broken home with nothing but neglect and abuse. Even through her circumstances, Daisy is able to muster the strength to overcome her upbringing and make a name for herself in Colorado as one of Smithie’s dancers. When a horrific event threatens to bring Daisy down, Smithie’s silent business partner Marcus is there to comfort her and bring her back to life. At first glance, Marcus and Daisy seem to be a mismatched pair, and yet as they get to know each other it becomes abundantly clear that they are made for one another. As Daisy struggles to allow Marcus in, Marcus is a man that knows what he wants and will not stop until he gets it.

“And he kissed me the whole time he touched me, no, caressed me, his hands roaming, slow, gentle, sweet over every inch of me.”

Told in predominantly Daisy’s POV, I could not have been more excited about reading the history of Marcus and Daisy. Both are dynamic characters who make Romeo and Juliet look like amateurs. The quirky characters in this quick novella and the twisted plot are uniquely crafted with all the things I have grown to love about this series. Full of passion, tenderness, and quick wit it just doesn’t get better than this. Every time I read (and re-read) a Rock Chick book, I laugh, I cry, I swoon, and I am inspired to be the absolute best I can be! The women are strong, and the men are the definition of “alpha males”! I have always been a huge Daisy fan after reading (and re-reading) my favorite Rock Chick book Rock Chick Regret. If you have read it, then you know that Daisy is and has always been a classy lady and an amazing friend to the chicks in her life. She can turn lemons into lemonade and put a smile on your face through any storm. The best part for me was the epilogue. I am completely captivated by the Rock Chick World and to experience that sliver of happiness for my favorite characters only serves as a reminder of why KA is and always will be my favorite author of all time. When an author goes above and beyond the scope of creativity to deliver such perfection to her fans, it only leaves me desperate for more! I will continue to Rock on with the rest of the Rock Chick Nation and keep re-reading and chatting all things Rock Chick!


Overall, Rock Chick Reawakening is an absolute must read for Rock Chick Fans and contemporary romance readers. The colorful characters, quirky style, and the sexy/fun plot will keep you entertained the entire read. I am so happy to have a KINDLE full of ROCK CHICK books, and this novella was a great way to start the new year off with a bang! Bravo Ms. Ashley and THANK YOU! You continue to inspire me with your amazing characters and unforgettable stories! Rock On!

***Rock Chick Series***
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