Separation Games (The Games Duet, #2) by ~ C.D. Reiss


“I belong to Adam. He belongs to me.”


Separation Games is the astonishing conclusion to the Games Duet. Adam and Diana are both fighting. Diana is fighting to get Adam back, and he is struggling to push her away. Will they find peace in the sanctity of their marriage or will they be torn apart forever?

“That was my cliff. Once I was midair I had to either fly or hit the ground in a mess of blood and bone.”

Separation Games picks up immediately after Marriage Games. Adam has decided to let Diana go, and Diana has decided that she will stop at nothing to save their marriage. When Diana discovers the beauty in being a submissive she wants the love of her life to be her Dom and teach her everything she needs to know. Adam is adamant that he doesn’t want her in that world.

“We broke what we built and then we blew it to dust.”

Throughout the turmoil, Diana is in the middle of a great sexual awakening and Adam experiences an emotional breakthrough. In order to push her away, he turns cold, and although he tries to be the master of the game, Diana is playing to win. As the complexity of the situation continues to grow more intense, the layers continue to peel away and reveal even more darkness, more beauty, more rawness, more sexual tension, more pain, and maybe a glimmer of hope. As the end of the 30-day contract is looming, will Adam and Diana find their way back to each other?


“With every move, I aimed for her heart, to go deep enough to touch it, own it, crawl into it and expand it. My life was written there.”

Told in mostly Diana’s POV, Separation Games is absolute perfection. The characters are complex; the plot is carefully crafted through each and every moment. The stakes are high for both Diana and Adam with their marriage on the line. The dialogue is rich with color, and the tempo is that of a charged symphony with rich crescendos and decrescendos throughout. As both characters are broken down, it is evident that they are only complete when they are together. In addition to the action taking place between the main characters, the secondary characters play a pivotal role in the story arc. The undertones of friendship, family, and finding peace in the person you are meant to be are all pivotal subplots in this duet. Ms. Reiss awakens all the senses through her lyrical writing and impeccable storytelling.


Overall, I highly recommend The Games Duet to all contemporary romance readers. Even if you are not a BDSM reader, I believe you will appreciate the love, tenderness, and smoldering passion that live and breathe between the pages of this book! I was genuinely moved by the love story of Adam and Diana and the war they waged to save each other and their life together. What an unforgettable journey that you will not want to miss!

**Shout out to SUEBEE and CC even though I am late to the party…I have arrived!!! Thank you both for introducing me to this amazing author! I am so excited to explore more by Ms. Reiss!**


*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!*




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