Liz’s Review of Vicious (Sinners of Saint, #1) ~ by L.J. Shen


“I wanted to melt into him, but knew better than to give in to that temptation.”


Vicious is the first of the Sinners of Saint Series, and he is one bad boy that certainly lives up to his name. This explosive contemporary romance is a dream for twisted romance fans! With the over the top plot and extreme circumstances of the characters, Vicious will keep you guessing the entire read.


“It happened. I fell under.”

Vicious is a gorgeous boy living the life many people dream of. Fast friends, rocking parties, women, and an overabundance of luxury, he is on top of the world. He and his friends the “Four Hotholes” rule the school. However, as we know, sometimes things are not exactly as they seem. Vicious has made it his life goal to torment and bully Emelia the down home country girl living in the servant’s quarters on his property. He lovingly calls her “the help” and lives to make her life a living hell and is responsible for wrecking her life. After many years pass, Emelia, albeit starving and struggling to make ends meet, has made a life for herself and her sister in New York City. Far away from the demons (or Demon (aka Vicous)) of her past, she is shocked to report to work and find her nemesis sitting there.


“She was naked. She was mine. This was happening.”

The time has come for Vicious to get revenge and Emilia is the key. He has always known that she was his and now is the time to claim her. He has a world of hurt to overcome, and he struggles to find his way. Emilia, drawn to him like a drug addict in need of a fix, knows that he is nothing but bad for her. And yet, she cannot stay away. With an offer that she cannot refuse, she is swept back into his world. When the physical connection between the two ignites, and the emotional war begins, both Vicious and Emilia are desperate for each other and yet, desperate to stay away.


“I was going to fuck this girl until there was nothing left for the next guy who came after me.”

Told in dual POV, Vicious is a blend of dynamic characters living in a chaotic world. I found the circumstances to be extreme and yet, I could not stop reading. I felt broken for Vicious and yet, I also wanted to give him a good old fashioned slap (or two) for the way he treated Emilia. Emilia’s calm and artistic aura is a good match for the fiery Vicious. The supporting characters enhanced the story, and the twisted plot kept me guessing the entire read. Told through flashbacks from the past and the complexity of the present, the dialogue flows smoothly and is full of quick wit and smoking hot steam! Although many readers will appreciate the “anti-hero” ways of Vicious, it was the final moments of his journey (the last 20 percent or so of the read) that thoroughly captivated me and made me fall in love with him.

Overall, I highly recommend Vicious to anyone who enjoys a bad boy who likes to bully his way straight into your heart. L.J. Shen continues to amaze me with her artistic writing and complex characters. Vicious is an explosive start to what promises to be a fantastic series.

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*

*This was a BR with my Crazies Sista Kim!!!!




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