Liz’s Review~You First ~ by Stephanie Fournet


“…in giving her everything, she’d be his.”


You First is a stunning NA Romance with a gripping plot and complex characters who are both caught in the middle of the battle of their lives. It is an unforgettable story of two people from different worlds who meet, fall in love and learn to overcome.

“With you, I’m safe.”

Meredith Ryan is a single mom living with the father of her child and his parents. She is simply trying to survive. Stuck in the cycle of poverty, Meredith is in nursing school and desperately seeking a better life for herself and her child. When she sees a help wanted sign for a personal assistant for a man who lives a few blocks from her house, it seems like fate has finally given her a reprieve from the darkness that surrounds her.


“He couldn’t write a bridge over this uncertainty, not one that could carry him safely into the future he wanted.”

Gray Blakewood is a successful author living comfortably with his two dogs in Lafayette, Louisiana. Close to his family and well known in the community; Gray has never wanted for anything. However, Gray has a secret and is desperate to finish his latest book before it’s too late. When his brother hires him an assistant to help him, Gray is not happy about the intrusion in his life. However, when Meredith shows up on his doorstep, he is shocked by her beauty and instantly transformed by her kind-hearted spirit. Although it isn’t appropriate for Gray to have feelings for her, he simply can’t help it. Meredith, of course, is equally as taken with Gray and it doesn’t take long for them to connect emotionally and physically in the most beautiful ways. With time ticking fast, can Gray and Meredith find a way past their demons and form a life together?


“I’ll always put you first.”

Told in dual POV, You First is a perfect blend of emotions, passion, tenderness, and southern charm. The dialogue is rich with color as each scene twists and turns and seamlessly bends into the next. I was thoroughly invested in both Meredith and Gray and their individual struggles. The stakes were high for both characters, and I simply could not stop reading. Gray and Meredith are well matched, and the connection they share is authentic and strong. The supporting characters enhanced the plot significantly, and the tension and action were a perfect pairing with the romance and emotional turmoil that is brewing in this story. I will admit to feeling nervous (regarding the circumstances of Meredith and Gray) after reading a few pages in. I don’t want to give any spoilers regarding the plot, but I will only comment by saying, the love between Gray and Meredith is timeless and beautiful, and I enjoyed every single second of this read.
Overall, I highly recommend You First to all NA Contemporary Romance fans. This stand-alone read is simply stunning! This is my second book by Ms. Fournet, and I simply cannot wait for more from this author. The descriptive writing style is perhaps the most engaging characteristic of Ms. Fournet’s work. When you read her work, you are instantly transported to another place and time and you feel every single moment to your core!

*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!



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