Liz’s Review~Odium III (The Dead Saga, #3) ~ by Claire C. Riley


“There were some things you couldn’t come back from.”


Odium 3 is the third book in the Dead Series, and the battle continues for Nina and the men and woman living in this post-apocalyptic world! Each book in this series must be read in order. If you haven’t experienced the first two books in this series, you need to stop reading this review now and come back and read it after you have read the first two books!


“Would mankind ever rule this earth again? I doubted it.”

At the conclusion of Odium 2, I felt a range of emotions that I can barely articulate. I was shocked, heartbroken, and nervous with the conflict between Nina and Mikey and the stress of the world they are living in. In this third book, Nina once again shocked me with her ferocious spirit and drive to do what is right despite the threat it would bring to her life and well-being! As Nina and Crunch embark on the big journey, Mikey is out on a scouting mission. Both Nina and Mikey are fighting for the same cause, and yet, they are miles apart from each other both physically and emotionally! The primary threat continues to be the undead who have infested the world with one goal in mind…kill! No matter what happens, Nina is strong and maintains her bad ass personal and witty personality throughout the death and destruction. But is Nina strong enough to survive? Will she and Mikey find their way back together again?



“You’ll understand why this place needs to burn if you see.”

Told in mostly dual POV, Odium 3 is another riveting addition to this explosive series. As each character is introduced and developed within the story, the hope for their survival grows stronger in my heart. Although I have tried not to get “too close to anyone” (as we know…no one is safe), my love and hope for these characters just continue to grow. The most addictive element of this series is the witty dialogue and complex plot. In the midst of the chaos and violence, Nina continues to keep things light and humorous even in the darkest of moments, and I am always sitting on the verge of crying, laughing, or peeing my pants from fear. Claire C. Riley brings the five senses to life with every single turn of the page. You will be completely transported to another place and time!


Overall, I highly recommend Odium 3 to readers who enjoy suspense, action, and aren’t opposed to a little blood and guts! Nina is the strongest heroine I have ever met, and you will experience a feeling of camaraderie with the characters like no other when you dive into his world. I will warn you the ending in this installment left me terrified for what’s to come. Luckily, Odium 4 is out and loaded on my Kindle. If anyone can survive the zombie apocalypse it’s Nina….right?

***The Dead Saga***
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